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Whales Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. The largest animal known to have ever existed is the?

#2. Hermanus is a town famous for its whale watching, it is home to the worlds only whale crier who alerts townsfolk when a whale has been spotted. Which country is it in?

#3. The largest whales can grow up to?

#4. The fatty organ found in the forehead of all toothed whales is called a?

#5. Baleen whales have two and toothed whales have one of what?

#6. Sperm whales can dive for?

#7. Sperm Whales are thought to suffer from decompression sickness after repeated deep dives?

#8. Humpback whales usually live?

#9. Old Tom, a killer whale who regularly seen off the coast of NSW Australia was recorded to be how old?

#10. Where are a whales baleen location? [—–]

#11. The layer of fat under whales skin is called?

#12. A sperm whale has the largest what of any animal?

#13. Complete these whale names B— Whales B—-a Whales S—m whales G–y Whales


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