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USA 1920s Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. I was a lifelong performer and sceptic. In the 1920s I appeared in silent films and exposed many fraudulent mediums but I am best known for getting out of tight spots. Who am I? [—– ——-]

#2. In 1921 who was buried at Arlington? [The ——- S——]

#3. I am a book published in 1925 that details the experience of a young man learning about the lives of the very rich in West Egg, a wealthy community on Long Island Sound. [— —– ——]

#4. In 1928 Alexander Fleming discovered what medical wonder drug that can be found in mouldy bread? [———-]

#5. In 1928 Ub Iwerks and his boss created which iconic, red shorts and white gloves wearing character?



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