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UK Who Am I Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. I was born in 1540. I gained fame as a sea captain, privateer and pirate before becoming a politician. I was knighted in 1581, fought a great sea battle in 1588 and died of dysentery in 1596.

#2. Born 1961, a new romantic singer songwriter. I’ve influenced and been influenced by the likes of David Bowie and Iggy Pop. The lead singer of the band Jesus loves you. In 2009 I was jailed.

#3. Born in 1926, I have been the voice and face of natural history television for over 50 years. I am the younger brother of actor and director Richard.

#4. Born in 1953 in Edinburgh to parents Leo and Hazel. I attempted to become a rock promoter before deciding to study law. In 1983 I was elected to parliament and became a frontbencher in 1984.

#5. While working at the European physics organisation CERN I invented HTTP and HTML the foundations of the World Wide Web. I was later knighted. [T– B—— L–]

#6. I am a poet, author and philosopher who wrote in the 1400s. My first major work was The Book of the Duchess, my most famous work tells of the journey of a group of Pilgrims. [——– ——-]

#7. I was a physicist, mathematician and astronomer. I created the first practical reflecting telescope and developed a theory of colour based on a prism. I also spent time on the occult and Alchemy.

#8. I founded the boy scout movement in 1908. [R—– B—- P—–]

#9. I am a Scottish patriot with an alliterated name who fought for control of Scotland in 1298.



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