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UK People and History Set-5 Trivia: 26 Quiz Questions & Answers | Triviaroo
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UK People and History Set-5 Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. Who played Captain Hawkeye Pearce in the TV series MASH? [—- —-]

#2. Who president and founder of the modern state of Turkey? [Kemal A——-]

#3. Who said genius is 2 percent inspiration and 98 percent perspiration? [—— E—–]

#4. Who said of Mick Jagger: I’m sure he’ll find someone else to be unfaithful to soon? [—– —-]

#5. Who spent 44 days in a plastic box suspended over the Thames? [D—- B—–]

#6. Which author spent two years in various prisons including Belmarsh and Lincoln, and in some circles is known as Baron of Weston Super Mare? [J—— A—–]

#7. Who split up with their boyfriend of four years, Olivier Martinez? [K—- M——]

#8. Who was Carol Lombard married to from 1939-1942? [Clark —–]

#9. Who was the actor whose character owned a car called KITT and a beach-based job to envy?

#10. Who was the author of The Mallen Streak and many other books? [Catherine C——]

#11. Who was the first American to be named the world’s richest man? [—- —–]

#12. Who was the first female Speaker of the House of Commons? [Betty B——–]

#13. Who was the first man to swim the English Channel? [Captain Matthew —-]

#14. Who was the first president of Taiwan? [C—- K– S—]

#15. Who was the first president of the fifth French republic from 1958-69? [——- de G—–]

#16. Who was the first Roman Catholic president of America? [—- – ——-]

#17. Who is the founder and first prime minister of the state of Israel? [— ——]

#18. Who was the villain in the cartoon Wacky Races, whose partner was Muttley? [Dick D——–]

#19. Who won Celebrity Big Brother in January 2007? [S—– S—–]

#20. Who would close his comedy programme with the phrase and may your god go with you? [D— A—-]

#21. Whom did Peter Cook save from drowning in Connecticut in 1963? [David F—-]

#22. Whose autobiography is called The Moon’s A Balloon? [David N—-]

#23. With which model did Mick Jagger have an affair in 2000? [Sophie D—]

#24. With which of his co-presenters did Eamonn Holmes have a long-standing feud? [A—– Turner]

#25. With whom did Lady Emma Hamilton have a famous affair? [Lord H—— Nelson]

#26. Name the writer, born 1949, author of The Rachel Papers, London Fields and Experience. [M—– A—]



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