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UK History Questions and Answers



#1. Before decimalisation, how many pennies were in a pound?

#2. How is Queen Elizabeth II related to Queen Victoria?

#3. How many children did Queen Victoria have?

#4. How many King Stephens have ruled England?

#5. How many of Henry VIIIs children succeeded him to the throne?

#6. In 1982 the nuclear-powered submarine HMS Conqueror sunk the Argentine ship? [B——-]

#7. During the Battle of Taranto British carrier-based planes destroyed the fleet of which country?

#8. 800 ex-servicemen were formed into a new force of special constables and sent to Ireland in 1920 to quell the troubles. What was their nickname? [The —– and T—]

#9. Aboard which ship did Captain Scott sail to the Antarctic in 1901? [The D——–]

#10. According to Arthurian legend, which wizard counselled and assisted Arthur?

#11. Against which country did England fight the 100 years war?

#12. Against which of England?s monarchs was The Babington Plot organised?

#13. At which London underground station was the fire of November 18th, 1987 which resulted in 31 deaths? [—– —–]

#14. At which Scottish Castle is there a giant cannon on display called Mons Meg?

#15. Balmoral Castle was built for which monarch? [Queen ——–]

#16. Boadicea is the ancient warrior-queen of which British tribe? [I—-]

#17. Born at Greenwich in 1491, who was the second son of Henry VII?

#18. By what name was the English nobleman and rebel Sir Henry Percy known? [—-pur]

#19. During the Great Plague, what was painted on the front doors of plague-ridden houses? [a — c—-]

#20. During which battle did the Charge of the Light Brigade take place? [B——–]

#21. Edward II was the first monarch to have previously held which title? [—— of —–]

#22. Elanor of Aquitaine was the wife of which English King? [—– –]

#23. Founded in 1832, what is England’s third oldest university? [——]

#24. In 1653 who assumed the title Lord Protector of England Scotland and Ireland?

#25. King James II has overthrown in the [G——-] Revolution of 1688.


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