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Sydney Flora Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. True to its name, which Sydney native plant thrives in the coldest conditions. [The —– —– Wattle]

#2. Resistant to frost, which Sydney tree is known for its distinct yellow flowers. [The —–wood Tree]

#3. This cream-coloured, ball-shaped Sydney flower is definitely beautiful but was named for its heavenly scent. [The sweet ——- wattle]

#4. This Sydney tree sports a four letter name and a unique bottle-like trunk. [The —- tree]

#5. Boasting yellow-green or pink-red flowers, this Sydney plant is named for one of Australia’s most popular animals. [Tall? Paw]

#6. Charles Darwin wrote at length about his visit to Sydney and its plant life. What was the title of his book on this subject? [The Voyage of the ——]

#7. This beautiful, pink and purple butterfly-shaped flower, commonly found in Sydney could really shoot you down. [The ——- plant]

#8. Which Sydney flower has a beautiful golden hue and a name reminiscent of a common vegetable? [The b— p–]

#9. This Sydney plant has been used to make everything from tea to shampoo, and is commonly misspelt. What is it? [The — t—]

#10. Be careful that you don’t step on this prickly plant, commonly found in Sydney. [The N—–b—]

#11. Five species of this insect-trapping plant can be found in Sydney. [The —dew]



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