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What is Triviaroo? How does it work?

Triviaroo, as the name suggests, is an online Trivia Quiz provider to boost fun and engagement in any event or social gathering. Our team of writers strive to write and update the best trivia content for 100+ categories every week. One can simply buy one-time individual trivia packs or subscribe to us to receive fresh trivia packs every week in their inbox. All our trivia packs come with social media plus offline marketing material for free. Click here to buy our trivia packs, or here to subscribe to our service.

What do you need to run a Trivia night?

For Big screen packs, you'll need a laptop, and ideally a subscription to MS Power point to run the PPT. Otherwise, all our Trivia packs come with the marketing material that can be customized to promote your event. So you are good to host.

What is included in the free bonus marketing material?

Apart from our awesome Trivia Quiz Questions, all of the following is included for free- 1. Questions as easy to follow MC Script 2. Professional Answer Sheets 3. Power Point Trivia for T.V or Projector (Premium Pack) 4. Add your Sponsors Logos to the TV Pack (Premium Pack) 5. Tie Breaker Question 6. Two Table Games for in between rounds 7. Certificate for Winners 8. Social Media Marking for Email, Facebook and Instagram (Premium Pack) 9. Customizable A4 Poster for venue and noticeboard 10. Scoring Sheet to Track Scores 11. How to Run a Trivia Guide 12. Email Customer Support 13. 7 day Money Back Guarantee

What type of Trivia questions do you have?

We have a growing database of 10,000 fun questions. Our questions are written for different countries (like USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand) and even for specific cities like London, New York, Perth, etc. We also have several fun categories, like sports, politics or history etc. You can browse some of our questions here. Our popular question formats are- * Q & A, * Multiple-Choice * Picture / Video/ Audio * Rank them in-order

How does your subscription service work?

Our subscription service is for people who host trivia nights or event frequently. You get a choice to select how often do you need Trivia content- Weekly, Monthly, or more than twice a week. You'll emailed a Dropbox link with freshly updated Trivia content with all the marketing material based on your frequency preference. You are free to unsubscribe any time.

What if I do not receive my subscription on time?

This never happens. We are diligent about our work and take extra care to make sure our customers are happy. However, in rare case, even if it does happen, here's what you can do- 1. Check your spam/trash folder to locate our email. If you find it there, mark Triviaroo as "not spam" so that our emails henceforward land in your inbox 2. Check your unique Dropbox link in case you cannot locate the email. We'll be updating the content to the same link that you can access anytime from anywhere. If both of the above options do not work, please write to us at and we'll resolve it at earliest for you.

Can I host the Trivia by myself?

Of course! All our Trivia packs are ready to host, and exclusively designed to equip you with everything that is needed to confidently host a successful trivia event- from questions, answer sheets, score card, power point, to all the marketing material.

What is the tech support I need to run a Trivia event?

You'll need a laptop, access to big screen such as a projector, or a TV, an output for sound- HDMI cables usually support output for both, video & audio, and a microphone so ensure your voice is audible to the last man.

My event is sponsored. How can I do the branding?

All our marketing material- power point slides, team answer sheets, Trivia posters, and social media marketing material, is customizable with an ability to add your sponsor's logo.

How do I download trivia packs?

It is best to download the pack in your laptop/computer. After the download of the zip file is complete, select a folder you want to extract all the files to. In windows: Open the zipped folder and drag the contents to the new folder you want to extract files to, or Right click on the zipped folder > select "Extract All" > and follow the instructions accordingly. In Mac: Double-click the zip file and the file or folder will be decompressed into the same folder the compressed file is in.

I am overwhelmed by all the prep that goes in. Can you help?

Relax! The idea of being at the center hosting to a crowd can get the best of us. Especially when we are running the show solo. We've prepared a detailed guide on how can you sail through your trivia event, and successfully host it without hassle. You can check it out here.

How does your 7 days, no questions-asked money back guarantee work?

We assure you that you'll never have to resort to this step. We are confident about our quality and the fact that you'll equally enjoy it! However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase at Triviaroo, simply write to us within 7 days from the date of purchase at expressing your concern, and we'll refund the amount in full.

Do you provide exclusive trivia content on demand?

Unfortunately, not so often. Currently, we are focused on the ready-to-host ready made trivia packs. However, we do consider requests if we find some extra time at hand. You can submit your requirements at and we'll see what we can do. You can expect our reply within 3 working days from your submission of request.

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