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Sports Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. In which Scandinavian country was Carolina Kluft born?

#2. Which manufacturer produces the ZX-RR?

#3. In 2001 which Snooker player won the first of his World Championships?

#4. After winning the 2005 French Open, who becomes the first player since Mats Wilander in 1982 to win the tournament on his first attempt?

#5. Where do razorfish live?

#6. What ‘G’ are worn by swimmers to protect their eyes?

#7. All the England participants in the 2005 Ashes series, apart from the captain, received what type of honour?

#8. Rather embarrassingly perhaps, what did Stirling Moss manage to lose for a year on 13th April 1960?

#9. In 1973 what became the first Scottish venue to host the Ryder Cup?

#10. In snooker, what colour ball is spotted on the centre of the table?

#11. What did Jimmy White change his surname to during a tournament in 2005?

#12. Gareth Edwards scored, what was for many the greatest try ever, for the Barbarians in 1973. Who were the opponents?

#13. Schillaci was the Italian hero in the 1990 World Cup, which movie dog did he share a first name with?

#14. Which country did Australia defeat in 1981 following an infamous underarm delivery by Trevor Chappell?

#15. In men’s tennis, who won the 2003 Wimbledon Championships?

#16. How many teams in France’s qualifying group finished unbeaten?

#17. In 2007, who overturned a two-stroke deficit in the final round at the Buick Invitational to win his seventh P.G.A. Tour title in a row?

#18. What ‘K’ is the surname of the Pakistani squash player who won the world open championship a record six times in the 1980s?

#19. In which American state is the U.S. Open Championship venue of Oakmont Country Club?

#20. Which country won the first World Cup of Baseball?

#21. Who was the first driver to win the Formula One AND Indy Car World championships?

#22. In which year were the first modern Olympic games held in Athens?

#23. Which four-yearly sporting event was first held in Uruguay in 1930?

#24. The Hopman Cup, an international mixed doubles tennis competition, is staged in what country?

#25. Which sport is connected to Dutchman Rie Mastenbroek?

#26. Angola’s only defeat in 2006 World Cup qualifying was a 2-0 reverse at the hands of which nation?

#27. In which year did the U.S.A.’s Ryder Cup team achieve their first victory over Great Britain on British soil?

#28. Who scored Germany’s goal to take them into the 2002 semi-finals?

#29. From which football club did Chelsea sign Hernan Crespo in 2003?

#30. Who was the winner of the men’s 5000m in the 2004 Olympics?

#31. Complete the name of the popular fitness equipment manufacturer ‘Trim’ what?

#32. The first cricket match credited with Test status was played in 1877 between Australia and England. At which ground did it take place?

#33. Which member of the Cod family has a greenish-brown line that curves towards the head?

#34. Which player won the 2005/06 Snooker Grand Prix?

#35. George Best played for which Los Angeles soccer team?

#36. Who was world heavyweight boxing champion from 1933-1934?

#37. From which rugby club did Barry John join Cardiff?

#38. For which club was Roberto Baggio playing when he won the European Footballer of the Year Award in 1993?

#39. Urania in Ancient Greece and Harpaston in Ancient Rome were forerunners of which modern ball sport?

#40. What nationality is Grand Prix driver Juan Pablo Montoya?

#41. Which footballer scored a hat trick against Arsenal in four and a half minutes in 1994?

#42. Which golfer sacked his caddie for failing to show up in time for the 2001 Scandinavian Masters?

#43. How many West Ham footballers played in the 1966 World Cup Final?

#44. Name the Indian bookie at the centre of international cricket’s match-fixing scandals of 2000.

#45. In football which team won the African Nations Cup in 1974?

#46. The Punch Line consisted of Toe Blake, Elmer Lach and what hockey legend?

#47. Which two Majors did Tiger Woods win in 2005?

#48. Santiago Canizares, the Spanish goalkeeper missed World Cup 2002 after what fell on his foot?

#49. How many times did Peter Alliss play in the Ryder Cup?

#50. In motor racing, who won the 2003 Italian Grand Prix?

#51. What was unusual about Howard Winstone’s right hand?

#52. How many teams will compete?

#53. Which of these countries did not qualify for the World Cup 2010?

#54. The prize money for the winning team in the world cup is?

#55. Who makes the official match ball for the 2010 World Cup?

#56. The Soccer City Stadium is where?

#57. All teams to make it through to the knockout stage will receive the prize money of ?

#58. The World Cup will go from the 11th of June until the?

#59. Chelsea was founded in?

#60. Chelsea won its first league championship in?

#61. Frank Lampard was Chelsea player of the year in?

#62. Chelsea’s highest home attendance was 82,905 for a First Division match against who on 12 October 1935?

#63. Roman Abramovich made the money that enabled him to buy Chelsea in the?

#64. Bobby Tambling played for Chelsea from 1959 to 1970. How many goals did he score?

#65. The Commonwealth Games are the third largest multi-sport event in the world, after …;

#66. The motto of the Commonwealth Games is?

#67. Lawn bowler Willie Wood from Scotland is the first competitor to have competed?

#68. As of 2010, which country has been the highest scoring team at the most games? Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales

#69. The Commonwealth Games Relay Baton has traditionally contained?

#70. Which of these nations has never competed in the Commonwealth Games?

#71. Which of these nations has competed in the Commonwealth Games?

#72. Did England or India win more gold medals at the 2010 Commonwealth games?

#73. The opening and closing ceremonies were held at?

#74. Two athletes at the games tested positive for Methylhexaneamine, which country were they from?

#75. Archery events at the games were split into?

#76. Which country won the volleyball men’s gold?

#77. England Ashes captain Graham Gooch made a one-match return to first-class cricket in 2000 to captain MCC against New Zealand. How old was he?

#78. Alastair Cook finished the 2010-11 Ashes series in Australia with over 700 runs and an average of?

#79. Cook clearly topped the English batting averages in the 2010-11 Ashes, who was second?

#80. The 2011 Cricket World Cup was the Cricket World Cup?

#81. How many national teams competed?

#82. The Opening Ceremony was held in?

#83. The winning team will take home?

#84. World Cup umpire Billy Doctrove is from which nation?

#85. The official mascot for the 2011 Cricket World Cup is?

#86. The ICC sold the rights to televise the 2011 World Cup for?

#87. Bob Fitzsimmons and Torpedo Billy Murphy were?

#88. The Falcons are the New Zealand national sports team for which sport?

#89. What was New Zealand Cricket, the governing body of cricket in New Zealand, previously known as?

#90. What age restrictions apply to members of the Junior All Blacks?

#91. Chris Amon was regarded as one of the best drivers never to win a championship Grand Prix in F1. Which decades did he compete in?

#92. Who climbed to the top of Everest with Edmund Hillary?

#93. Peter Snell won three gold medals for NZ and broke several world records during the 1960s. He was a?

#94. England is the oldest national football team in the world, alongside?

#95. The first international football match took place in?

#96. The lowest international FIFA ranking the English Football team has ever received occurred in 1996, they were ranked?

#97. Which of these players has had the most caps as Captain?

#98. The original stadium built at Wembley in 1923 was known as?

#99. England’s first game in the 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals was against?

#100. In 2006 Theo Walcott took the record for the youngest person to play for England. He was?

#101. In 1957 Stanley Matthews took the record for the oldest person to play for England. He was?

#102. Peter Shilton, Michael Owen, David Beckham and Sol Campbell have all?

#103. Terry Venables, Kevin Keegan and Alex Ferguson have all coached the national side. True or False?

#104. Country paths on which horses can be ridden are known as?

#105. The UK riding equestrian events are?

#106. The highest level of Show Jumping competition is?

#107. In Show Jumping an Oxer is?

#108. As at 2010 how many professional Horse Racing Jockeys were there in the UK?

#109. Sandown Park Racecourse is located in?

#110. During The Grand National horses must navigate?

#111. As of 2011, Queen Elizabeth II has owned the Grand National winner once and second place horse twice. True or False?

#112. A cart called a Sulky is used in which sport?

#113. Against which country did England concede one of the fastest goals ever in international soccer in November 1993, but went on to win 7-1?

#114. Although India qualified for the football world cup in 1950, they refused to take part. Why?

#115. At what boxing weight did Ricky Hatton fight? (in 2007)

#116. At what other sport did cricketer W.G.Grace captain England?

#117. At which English Racecourse are the 1,000 and 2,000 guineas run?

#118. Charlotte Edwards led England?s women to World Cup glory in which sport in March 2009?

#119. The 2002 Football League Cup final was a first to?

#120. Football defender Luis Moreno kicked what off the pitch at the Atletico Junior stadium in Columbia in March 2011?

#121. For which Brazilian club did Pele play?

#122. For which county did seam bowler Jon Lewis play?

#123. Founded in 1862, what is considered to be the oldest soccer club in the football league?

#124. Most golf balls on sale today have?

#125. How many gold medals did Chris Hoy win in the 2008 Olympics?

#126. How many hoops are used in a game of croquet?

#127. How many horses have ever won the Derby twice?

#128. How many laps is the Indianapolis 500?

#129. How many people play in a Water Polo team?

#130. How many people take part in the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race?

#131. How many players from each team are there on the pitch at any one time in American Football?

#132. How many players in an ice hockey team?

#133. How many players take part in the card game Solo Whist?

#134. How many points do you get for a field goal in American Football?

#135. How many property squares are there on a Monopoly board?

#136. How many times has the host nation won the football World Cup?

#137. How many weeks, on average, does the Tour de France last?

#138. How many yards is a cricket pitch from stumps to stumps?

#139. In 1933 England gained the Ashes at the end of a tour which gained a particular nickname. What was it?

#140. In a rugby scrum, which player is responsible for controlling the ball with their feet inside the scrum?

#141. In a standard game of poker, which of the following hands is best?

#142. In all Alpine Skiing races, skiers race between gates consisting of two coloured flags. What are the two colours?

#143. In Brazil, what is Pelada?

#144. In Contract Bridge, which is the highest bid – three clubs, three spades or three diamonds?

#145. In Cricket, who has a test batting average of 99.94?

#146. The European Court of Justice ruled that all EU football players have the right to a free transfer at the end of their contracts – what is this decision called?

#147. Which chess computer built by IBM defeated world chess champion, Garry Kasparov?

#148. In golf what slang refers to a free extra stroke sometimes allowed informally after a poor shot, typically off the first tee?

#149. In horse racing, what betting odds are known as a double carpet?

#150. In inches, how high is a table-tennis net?

#151. In Judo, which Dan is the highest in the grading of black belts?

#152. In Rugby Union what position does the number 15 play?

#153. In sailing, what is the name given to a lightweight three-cornered headsail used to improve stability when sailing downwind?

#154. In September 2010, former steelworker Philippe Croizon swam the English Channel in less than 14 hours. Why was his achievement so amazing?

#155. In show jumping, how many faults are incurred for a refusal?

#156. In standard chess game notation, what is the code for castling on the Kings side?

#157. In tennis, what score is called ‘Deuce’?

#158. In the early days of cricket, a bowler who took three wickets in a row was presented with what?

#159. In the history of Formula 1 racing, which nation has provided the highest number of champions?

#160. In the old days, who would chip with a spoon?

#161. In what year was the first Oxford vs. Cambridge boat race run?

#162. In which city have the 2006 Commonwealth Games been held?

#163. In which country did the ball game Pelota originate?

#164. In which country is Randwick racecourse situated?

#165. In which month does the grouse-shooting season begin?

#166. In which sport did Rachael Heyhoe Flint acheived worldwide fame?

#167. In which sport did Tony Nash and Robin Dixon win Olympic Gold in 1964?

#168. In which sport do Blondie compete against Osiris?

#169. In which sport might you find a Triangle and a Sausage?

#170. In which sport or pastime might you use a Wickhams Fancy and a Greenwell’s Glory?

#171. In which sport was the American Scott Hamilton world champion for four consecutive years?

#172. In which sport would you use the terms Christie’s, Traversing, and Edging?

#173. In which town famous for winter sports in Scotland does the annual dog sledge rally take place – the largest of its kind in Europe?

#174. Irishman Ken Doherty was crowned world champion in which sport?

#175. The Largest number of goals scored in one football World Cup match?

#176. Over which racecourse is the Greenham Stakes run?

#177. Squash balls have a dot marked on them, what does it signal?

#178. The America’s cup is a trophy awarded for which sport?

#179. Mirror, Finn and Laser are types of what?

#180. The Grace Gates are a feature of which sporting venue?

#181. The Iroquois cup is contested annually by English club sides, but in what sport? Croquet, Lacrosse or Badminton?

#182. The longest Test match in cricketing history took place between England and South Africa in March 1939. How many days of play did it last?

#183. The MacRobertson International Shield contested by Australia, Great Britain, the USA and New Zealand, was first held in 1925. In which sport?

#184. The name of which martial art comes from the Japanese words for ‘open hand’?

#185. Toxophily is a traditional sport. By what name is it more commonly known?

#186. Walter Winterbottom was appointed to which newly-created post in 1946?

#187. What are Torvill and Deans first names?

#188. What colour is the bull on an archery target?

#189. What colour is the bullseye on a standard dartboard?

#190. Cricketers Ravi Shastri, Sir Gary Sobers, Herschelle Gibbs and Yuvraj Singh have all?

#191. What did West Ham Utd do in 1975 that has never been done since?

#192. What is basketball player Earvin Johnsons nickname, given to him in 1974 when he was only 15?

#193. What is the British equivalent of the Tour de France?

#194. What is the maximum number of times a volleyball may be hit before it has to go over the net?

#195. What is the name of the racecourse at the end of the Bois de Boulogne in Paris?

#196. What is the only Central American country in which baseball, not soccer, is the people’s favourite sport?

#197. What is unusual about San Paulos Interlagos and Turkeys Istanbul Park motor racing circuits?

#198. What car did Colin MacRae drive in the World Rally Championship?

#199. What term is used for the captain of a Curling team?

#200. What would a judo player do with a judogi?

#201. Which country was the only undefeated team at the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

#202. Which county cricket clubs home ground is Headingley?

#203. Which cricketer with a peculiar bowling action became the first to take 800 test wickets?

#204. Which Italian football team has the nickname I Lupi which translates as The Wolves?

#205. Which martial art has a name which derives from the Japanese word for Gentle?

#206. Which of the following is not a color on a Rubik’s Cube?

#207. Which Scottish golfer topped the European order of merit in 1993, 1994 and 1995?

#208. Which soccer star was quoted as saying I think I’ve attained such a level of celebrity status that cinema can only lessen it?

#209. Which sport are you not allowed to play left-handed?

#210. Which sport is governed by the rules drafted by the Marquis of Queensbury?

#211. Which sport was author Bill Bryson talking about when said It is the only sport in which spectators burn as many calories as players — more if they are moderately restless?

#212. Who was the first cricketer to take 250 Test wickets?

#213. Who won the men’s singles at the 1999 US Open?

#214. Who won the Wimbledon Women’s Singles title in 2004?

#215. Who, at 18, became the youngest player to win the world amateur snooker title?

#216. Whose ear did Mike Tyson bite in 1997?

#217. Wing Commander Andy Green the first person to break the world record in speed crossing sound barrier on …

#218. With what sport would you associate this sequence of colours? Red, Blue, White, Black, Orange, Black and white stripes

#219. With which sport do you associate the Cresta Run?

#220. With which sport would you associate Tony Drago?

#221. With which team did Damon Hill begin his formula one career?

#222. In the opening AFL round on Thursday, March 24th 2011 ?

#223. In June 2011 who defeated Lleyton Hewitt at Wimbledon?

#224. In August and September 2011 the Australian Cricket team play in?

#225. In April 2011 Anthony Mundine?

#226. From the 3rd to the 10th of July 2011 the Australian Diamonds will compete in The World Female?

#227. Jamie Whincup and Greg Murphy?

#228. The salary cap for AFL clubs in the 2011 season (with the exception of the Gold Coast) is?

#229. In June 2011 Soccer commentator Les Murray created a controversy when he accused Socceroos captain Lucas Neill of doing what at the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

#230. Which of the following players in not an AFL captain in season 2011?

#231. The 2011 State of Origin game One score was?

#232. In State of Origin Anthony Minichiello plays for?

#233. The Sydney Roosters play?

#234. The Sydney Roosters were previously called?

#235. The Sydney Swans Football Club was founded in?

#236. What sport did The Sydney Swifts play?

#237. The Sydney Swifts disbanded in?

#238. In 1999 the Sydney Tigers merged with the neighbouring Magpies club to form?

#239. The Canterbury-Bankstown rugby team is associated with which animal mascot?

#240. In 2008 Middlesex County Cricket Club won the English Twenty20 Cup for the?

#241. In which sport do the team the London Capital participate?

#242. With what sport would you associate the London Blitz?

#243. Former England Cricket Captain Mike Gatting ranks where in the top 10 run scorers of all time for Middlesex County Cricket Club?

#244. Which of these former Middlesex County Cricket Club players has taken the most wickets in the team?s history?

#245. In which year did London soccer team Arsenal sign former Netherlands international striker Dennis Bergkamp?

#246. In which year where the London ice hockey team the Romford Raiders founded?

#247. Which of these five teams is not an ice hockey team based in London?

#248. Which of these Rugby Union teams play in the Aviva Premiership, the top level of competition in the domestic English game?

#249. Which of these London soccer teams has never played in the Premier League?

#250. Since they began playing in 1962, how many Mets pitchers have thrown no-hitters?

#251. What sport does the Buffalo Sabres play?

#252. This Yankee scored 5 runs in a game for the 10th tie in his career?

#253. During the Giants-Dallas game in 1995, which jersey number was officially retired at halftime?

#254. In which year did the MLB team the New York Yankees officially change their name from the Highlanders to the Yankees?

#255. Which New York Giants player was named as the MVP for Super Bowl XXV in 1991 against the Buffalo Bills?

#256. In 2007, the New York Jets wore throwback uniforms of their original incarnation as the Titans against which team?

#257. Before winning the Stanley Cup in 1994, when did the New York Rangers last win the title?

#258. In which year was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar placed in the NBA Hall of Fame?

#259. Larry Brown was enshrined in the NBA Hall of Fame as a coach in which year?

#260. In which year was Sid Luckman elected to the NFL Hall of Fame?

#261. Which of these teams has Alex Rodriguez not played for?

#262. The highest ever total made by the New South Wales Blues as 2011 was 918, made in the 1900-1901 season against which team?

#263. In which year was the name of the Sydney Roosters changed from the Sydney City Roosters?

#264. In what year were the Rugby League club the Parramatta Eels founded?

#265. Who set the record for the most tries in a season for the South Sydney Rabbitohs with 29 in the 1954 season?

#266. As of 2011, how many Australian golfers have won the US Masters title?

#267. In which year did Ian Baker-Finch win the British Open title at Royal Birkdale?

#268. On what score did Wayne Grady finish when he won the 1990 USPGA Championship title?

#269. As of 2011, how many different Australian golfers have won the USPGA Championship?

#270. Which of these is not an Australian golfer?

#271. As of 2011, how many major championships have been won by Australian golfers?

#272. Which of these English soccer clubs has Mark Schwarzer not played for?

#273. In which discipline did Steven Smith first represent Australia?

#274. How many goals did Tim Cahill score for the Australian national team in 2004?

#275. In which year was Australian Rugby Union player Pat McCabe born?

#276. In 1975, who did Sydney born tennis player John Alexander beat in Tucson, USA to win his second singles title?

#277. In which year did Doug Bollinger make his test match debut for Australia?

#278. Which of these is not one of the three main codes of “footy” played in Australia?

#279. As of 2011, The Cricket World Cup has been held 10 times, Australia has won how many times?

#280. The first Standardbred horse to earn (US) one million dollars in prize money was?

#281. Australia will host the AFC Asian Cup in the year?

#282. Deaf Matildas’ first major tournament was the ____ Games held in Australia in 2005

#283. Which of the following were not added to the Australian Institute of Sport’s (AIS) ‘Best of the Best’ Hall of Fame on 4th November 2011?

#284. Who was Inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2001? His career achievements include being ranked #1 in the world for 331 weeks.

#285. A team in which North American pro sports league is the focus of the Oscar-nominated 2011 film “Moneyball”?

#286. After being fired by whom in 2011, Steve Williams said, “With the scandals, a new coach, a swing change, I’ve stuck with him through thick and thin”?

#287. Which footballer won the 2011 FIFA Ballon d’Or, becoming a three-time consecutive winner of the trophy?

#288. Darren Clarke won his first-ever golfing Major with a victory at which tournament in 2011?

#289. Double amputee Oscar Pistorius competed alongside able-bodied athletes at the 2011 World Athletics Championships, reaching the semifinals of which event?

#290. What Major League Baseball slugger signed a 10-year deal with the Los Angeles worth US $254 million in December 2011?

#291. Tim Thomas of the National Hockey League’s Boston Bruins won the 2011 Vezina Trophy, the award presented to the NHL’s best what?

#292. The 2011 Rugby World Cup was held in which country?

#293. Cadel Evans became the first-ever Aussie to win what major sporting event in 2011?

#294. While on a bus with his Real Madrid teammates to celebrate their 2011 Copa del Rey win over Barcelona, footballer Sergio Ramos did what with the trophy?

#295. In the Australian Football League, St. Kilda coach Ross Lyon quit in September 2011 to coach which team?

#296. Which tennis player appeared provocatively dressed in an infamous ad that was leaked onto the Internet for the video game “Top Spin 4” in 2011?

#297. Which football club won the Barclays Premier League title for the 2011-12 season?

#298. American NBA star Ron Artest officially changed his name to Metta World Peace in 2011.

#299. What word refers to skiing straight downhill very fast?

#300. Besides playing in Major League Baseball, Bo Jackson played in which pro sports league in the US?

#301. What company is the title sponsor of the IRB’s Rugby Sevens World Series?

#302. Which National Hockey League team picked Alex Ovechkin first overall in the 2004 NHL entry draft?

#303. Which nation defeated Australia to win the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup title in 2010?

#304. Which sport is the focus of the 1970s made-for-TV movie “Brian’s Song”?

#305. In the sport of curling, who or what is the skip?

#306. Which Major League Baseball father and son sluggers each hit 50 home runs in a major league season?

#307. Former world #1 men’s singles tennis player Marat Safin and former world #1 women’s singles tennis player Dinara Safina are brother and sister.

#308. The fixing of Major League Baseball’s 1919 World Series, known as the “Black Sox Scandal,” is depicted in which 1988 John Sayles film?


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