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Science and Nature Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. What state of matter does a liquid become after evaporation?

#2. What is produced from nitrogen via the ‘Haber Process’?

#3. What is the process of growing vegetables in water without soil called?

#4. Beetles imported from Canada in 1967 led to the loss of 25 million of which trees in Britain?

#5. What name is given to a large fully developed female bee that lays eggs continually?

#6. In computing what does RAM mean?

#7. What is ufology the study of?

#8. What figure do you get if you divide the number of degrees in a right angle by the number of sides in a triangle?

#9. Which creature can be described as Gazelline?

#10. What is M’ in Albert Einstein’s famous equation E=MC square?

#11. In medicine, what ‘G’ is the death of tissue due to loss of blood supply or bacterial infection?

#12. Where, precisely, are the anvil and the stirrup in the human body?

#13. What ‘C’ is the name given to infant foxes?

#14. The Rowan is an alternative name for which tree?

#15. What ‘M’ is an extinct elephant-like mammal?

#16. What is formed, when two or more chemical elements are bonded together in some way?

#17. In human biology, what ‘F’ are the tubes that connect the ovaries to the uterus?

#18. Which metal has an atomic number of 47?

#19. By what name was Smilodon better known?

#20. What is another name for the finger like material that lines the inside walls of the intestines?

#21. What material is associated with a 15th wedding anniversary?

#22. What should you do to a kitten at 12 weeks?

#23. What is the name of the home of a Fox?

#24. Which bird is known by the alternative name Laverock?



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