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Rugby Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. Scottish Rugby Union is the?

#2. What is the web address of the Scottish Rugby Union?

#3. Scotland won the Five/Six Nations in?

#4. The 2010 Six Nations match between Scotland and England was noteworthy because?

#5. Murrayfield stadium seating capacity (as of 2010) is?

#6. Murrayfield is very close to?

#7. The Tri-Nations first began as an official structured competition in which year?

#8. In the Tri-Nations how many points in a win worth?

#9. In order to earn a defending bonus point, a team must lose by?

#10. The body which operates the Tri Nations competition is?

#11. As of 13 Feb 2012, Stephen Jones has been awarded a commemorative cap by WRU after attaining 104 caps in the period between the1998 and ___________?

#12. ____________ was the first rugby player to surpass 1000 Test points.

#13. The youngest player ever capped for Wales made his debut in Wales’ 2010 Six Nations finale against Italy at age 18 years. Hi, name is

#14. Who gained the record for the longest successful kick in an international test match during the 1986 Five Nations Championship at Cardiff Arms Park with a penalty kick while playing against Scotland. The kick measured exactly 70 yards 8 and a half inches (64.2m).

#15. Who among these has not been a WRU head coach?

#16. At the 2011 World Cup, Wales defeated Fiji, Namibia and Samoa. In the pool stages, Wales only lost to?

#17. At the 2011 World Cup, Wales faced Ireland, beating them 22-10, hence reaching the semi-finals for the first time since?

#18. When the IRB World Rankings were introduced in October 2003, Wales was ranked?

#19. Welsh rugby’s first ‘golden age’ coincided with the country’s zenith during the 20th century. The ‘golden age’ was from 1910 to?

#20. The All Blacks have won over a record 75% of all rugby matches they have played since 1903. In which of the following years were they NOT named the International Rugby Board (IRB) Team of the Year?

#21. New Zealand’s rivalry with South Africa began in 1921 when the Springboks (as the South African team is known) toured New Zealand for a Test series. Test series result was?

#22. In November 2006 at Millennium Stadium, WRU wanted Wales to sing their national Anthem after the Haka instead of on the field immediately before kick-off. However The All blacks?

#23. Fifteen former All Blacks have been inducted into the International Rugby Hall of Fame. Which of the following people have not been inducted?

#24. New Zealand was granted automatic qualification to the World Cup in 2008. True or False?

#25. The world record for tries in a calendar year, 17 tries in 2003, is held by who;

#26. In the 2011 Rugby World Cup, the All Blacks defeated France in the final, with a score of 8-7, to become world champions for the time.

#27. By 2011, New Zealand has only ever been beaten by _____ nations, and are unique in being the only international team to have a winning record against every nation they have played.


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