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A pack full of awesomeness. Suitable for audience of any country and for any occasion. Pick this if you are unsure what you want.

What's inside?


2 Round pack contains:

  • Round 1:
    • 5 Questions of I See RED – All these are red questions. Red things, animals, even people…you may be seeing red too after these.
    • 5 Questions of All Seconds – It’s been said that “second is the first loser”…but the people and places in these questions might have you thinking otherwise! All questions here have something to do with seconds.
  • Round 2:
    • 5 Questions of Around the World – Let’s go around the world and test our worldly knowledge. If we know about countries and continents we will be fine.
    • 5 Questions of 2 P’s in a Pod – You all might need a P break after this round – each answer contains a double P!

4 Round Pack contains below additional Rounds :

  • Round 3:
    • 5 Questions of H-A-M it Up – “
      Every answer in this round contains H-A-M. One might even fancy a ham-sandwich by the end this or sick of anything with ham in it. “
    • 5 Questions of This or That – If one doesn’t know what a homonym is now, they probably will by the end of this round – each question is one word with two very different meanings!
  • Round 4:
    • 5 Questions of A Perfect 10 – Each question in this round is somehow related to the number 10. But it will only be perfect if any team can score a 10/10. Lets find out!
    • 5 Questions of A Perfect 10 – Each question in this round is somehow related to the number 10. But it will only be perfect if any team can score a 10/10. Lets find out!

Break-Time Games

We included some great game ideas to entertain and energise your guests any time during your trivia event. Instructions will be in the MC Script. 

This pack (Both 2 and 4 pack) come with the following games :
– Game 1 : Bring these items to the front
– Game 2 : Get the coin near the bottle

Tie -Breaker question

In the event of a tie or even for a bonus prize you could use our patented (not really, just joking) “drip question”. Teams will be given a difficult question and series of hints and the team to first give the correct answer wins. 

This pack (Both 2 and 4 pack) come with the following Tie-Break series  : WHO AM I ?

We also have Picture puzzle round which your trivia team can solve together. You can choose and buy a puzzle as an add-on for a small price but cannot be purchased separately.

Free Inclusions

  • MC Script:Contains Questions & Answers.
  • An easy to follow script and reminders for the Host.
  • Fun facts or Answer explanations for each question.
  • Power Point Trivia for T.V or Projector (You can add your sponsors logos)
  • Professional Answer Sheets.
  • Special Tie Breaker Question.
  • Two Table Games to play between rounds.
  • Two Customisable A4 Posters for venue or noticeboard.
  • Scoring Sheet to Track Scores.
  • Certificate for Winners.
  • Social Media Marking for Email, Facebook and Instagram.
  • ‘How to Run a Trivia’ Guide.
  • Email Customer Support.
  • 7 day Money Back Guarantee.

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  • Would you like to add a fun and easy picture-round for only $5?

    These printable picture rounds make your trivia night complete! Choose one from the options below!

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Make your Trivia night a breeze.

Get everything you need right now. 

The Redstone might be found in Minecraft

but it is definitely not a dolphin!

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That’s right. We do all of the above with care and precision. We love trivia (can you tell?) and we want to give you that passion for trivial knowledge too so you can share all the craziness that this wonderful universe has to offer in your own little crazy way, in your own little crazy place!

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