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A Box of Questions



American themed pack that works great for Americans or for audience who think they know America. Suits all occasions and as fun as a theme park!

What's inside?


2 Round pack contains:

  • Round 1:
    • 5 Questions of USA! USA! – See how much you know about all things red, white and blue in this round!
    • 5 Questions of Red, White & Blue
  • Round 2:
    • 5 Questions of Trump – The Donald has been an interesting president. Either you love him or you don’t you would love these trivia questions on him.  
    • 5 Questions of Stars & Stripes – A mixed round about the land of stars and stripes.

4 Round Pack contains below additional Rounds :

  • Round 3:
    • 5 Questions of Mind your P’s & Q’s – This round is all about minding your p’s & q’s – every answer starts with P or a Q.
    • 5 Questions of It’s not easy being green – Oscar the Grouch once said ‘It’s not easy being green’…and neither are these green-related questions. On your marks, get-set, g…reen !
  • Round 4:
    • 5 Questions of Write it in CAPITALS – This round is all about country capitals, from the well-known to the obscure! Capitalise on this round and make as many points as you can.
    • 5 Questions of C’ Ya LATER – ‘C’ how many of these answers you know, all beginning with the letter C. If your answer doesn’t start with C its not Correct.

Break-Time Games

We included some great game ideas to entertain and energise your guests any time during your trivia event. Instructions will be in the MC Script. 

This pack (Both 2 and 4 pack) come with the following games :
– Game 1 : Lucky door prize
– Game 2 : The longest peel

Tie -Breaker question

In the event of a tie or even for a bonus prize you could use our patented (not really, just joking) “drip question”. Teams will be given a difficult question and series of hints and the team to first give the correct answer wins. 

This pack (Both 2 and 4 pack) come with the following Tie-Break series  : WHO AM I ?

We also have Picture puzzle round which your trivia team can solve together. You can choose and buy a puzzle as an add-on for a small price but cannot be purchased separately.

Free Inclusions

  • MC Script:Contains Questions & Answers.
  • An easy to follow script and reminders for the Host.
  • Fun facts or Answer explanations for each question.
  • Professional Answer Sheets.
  • Special Tie Breaker Question.
  • Two Table Games to play between rounds.
  • Two Customisable A4 Posters for venue or noticeboard.
  • Scoring Sheet to Track Scores.
  • Certificate for Winners.
  • Social Media Marking for Email, Facebook and Instagram.
  • ‘How to Run a Trivia’ Guide.
  • Email Customer Support.
  • 7 day Money Back Guarantee.

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