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Plants and Trees Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. In the last half of the 20th century, DED wiped out many elms in Europe and North America. What does DED stand for? [D—h –m d——]

#2. Complete the names of these trees: -pp– –h B—h B—k T—n E-m J–iper Map– –ne W—ow

#3. What children’s game is associated with the Horse Chestnut tree? [C——]

#4. I am a fast growing wood source. I am a diverse genus of flowering trees. I am a member of the myrtle family. My oil is used for cleaning and is a natural insecticide. [E———]

#5. I am a large evergreen banyan tree of the Moraceae family. I am a native of most of the eastern coast of Australia. My roots are known for damaging footpaths. [M—— B– F–]

#6. Complete these flower names. G—– W—-e R—l Blue—- C——n Or—d


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