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Pets and Livestock Trivia: 17 Quiz Questions & Answers | Triviaroo
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Pets and Livestock Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. In farming, what animal would be most likely to live in an ark?

#2. In which 2001 film does an evil Persian cat named Mr Tinkles threaten world domination by making humans allergic to dogs? [—- & —-]

#3. What disease might you most commonly contract from your pet parrot? [Psi—co—]

#4. What is the breed of cat which is generally accepted to be hairless? [——]

#5. What is the disease-carrying worm found in dog and cat faeces which can cause blindness? [T——-]

#6. What is the name of Bob the Builder’s cat? [P——-]

#7. What was the name of Stephen King’s book about a rabid St Bernard? [—-]

#8. What was the name of the first animal in space? [—-a]

#9. What was the name of the Mangles dog in early episodes of Neighbours?

#10. On what part of a cats body is its nictitating membrane?

#11. Which 1972 cartoon film featuring a cat as its main character was among the first to receive an 18 certificate? [—– the Cat]

#12. Which cartoon cat is always trying to get into Tweetie Pies cage?

#13. Which children’s writers most famous book is entitled The Cat in the Hat?

#14. Which famous cartoon cat from 1920 just kept on walking? [F—-]

#15. With the initials GCCF, which organisation was set up in 1910 to register pedigree cats in the United Kingdom? [Governing Council of the C– F—-]

#16. Which pet, a domesticated cavy, is also a synonym for a person or animal used for experimentation? [—–a —]

#17. A pet turtle would typically be kept in a transparent enclosure called a what? [–rr-r—]



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