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New Zealand Questions and Answers



#1. Unscramble the name of this famous New Zealanders in the film industry Erpet Sconjak Mas Illne Ejan Pionmac Culy Selawls

#2. Fred Allen, Neil McPhail, Alex Wyllie, John Hart, Wayne Smith have all done what?

#3. Give the names of the NZ national teams for these sports Rugby Union Soccer Basketball Cricket

#4. Abel Tasman landed in an NZ bay in 1642, two of his sailors were killed by the local Maori. Tasman named the place Murderers Bay. What is it known as today?

#5. As of 2010 how many Universities are there in New Zealand?

#6. Who played Burt Munro, a New Zealand motorcycle enthusiast and one-time record holder, in the move “The World’s Fastest Indian”?

#7. What is the shorthand name for the New Zealand Stock Exchange?

#8. New Zealanders Geoffrey, Jenny, Helen, Jim, Mike and David have all been what?



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