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New York Crime Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. What NYC murder victim was stabbed 82 times in 1964 in front of numerous bystanders who failed to help, giving rise to the term bystander effect? [K—- Genovese]

#2. What member of the Beatles was murdered outside his Manhattan apartment in 1980?

#3. Arson killed 87 people at this Bronx social club in 1990. What was the name of the club? [H——– Social Club]

#4. David Berkowitz was one of New Yorks most notorious serial killers. What did the media call him?

#5. In 1899, Henry Bliss of New York became famous for being the first person killed by this new invention. What killed Henry Bliss? [– ———-]

#6. The black nationalist leader Malcolm X was assassinated in Harlem in 1965 by members of which group? [—— — —–]

#7. What was the term the media used to describe the rampage through Central Park in The Central Park Jogger attack in 1989? [W——]

#8. Who was the Subway Vigilante who shot four men in 1984 who tried to rob him? [Bernard G—-]

#9. What punk rock star stabbed his girlfriend to death in Greenwich Village in 1978? [S– V——]

#10. Who was the Long Island Railroad Shooter who killed 6 and wounded 25 during a 1993 shooting on the commuter train? [Colin F——-]

#11. What was the name of the ship that smuggled hundreds of illegal Chinese immigrants to Long Island in 1993 by crashing into the beach? [G—– Venture]



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