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Nature Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. Name the device which measures nuclear radiation by counting the ionising particles. [—— Counter]

#2. How is the constellation Ursa Minor known in English? [L—– ——]

#3. If a volcano is neither active nor extinct, what is it? [——-]

#4. Name the two moons of Mars. [P—– and D—–]

#5. On which naval vessel did Charles Darwin serve as naturalist from 1831 to 1836? [The ——]

#6. Polaris is an important star for navigators. What is it more commonly called?

#7. The Bluefin is a variety of which fish?

#8. The Earth’s atmosphere is divided into four distinct layers. The level nearest the Earth is the troposphere. The other three are? [T—-osphere, M—-phere and S—–sphere]

#9. The Giant and the Pink Fairy are kinds of which South American animal? [A——–]

#10. The main diet of the Koala Bear consists of the leaves of which plant? [———- Tree]

#11. The male of which species is known as a boomer or a buck?

#12. What animals did Dian Fossey study in Rwanda? [M——- G——-]

#13. What celestial body will next be seen from the earth in 2061? [——- —–]

#14. What flower is alternatively known as the Lent Lily? [D——-]

#15. What is a three-letter alternative name for the Wildebeest [—]

#16. What is mainly responsible for the earth?s tides?

#17. What is the female equivalent to the word Boar?

#18. What is the general term for a group of stars? [————-]

#19. What is the hardest substance produced by the human body? [T—- E—–]

#20. What is the largest living thing on Earth? [The G—- B—— —-]

#21. What is the more popular name for the yellow flower Crowfoot? [B——–]

#22. What is the most widely cultivated crop in the world, grown in every continent except Antarctica?

#23. What is the name for the liquid part of blood?

#24. What is the name of the male reproductive organ of a flower? [The S—–]

#25. What is the name of the process by which plants use sunlight to obtain their energy? [Ph————]

#26. What is the name of the study of the movement of the plates which make up the Earth’s crust? [T——–]

#27. What is the only venomous mammal in the world? [The —k Billed P——-]

#28. Which animal is the symbol for the Worldwide Fund for Nature (World Wildlife Fund)?

#29. Which are the largest remaining species of lizards in the world? [—— Dragon]

#30. Which bird is known as the laughing jackass? [K———]

#31. Which gaseous element forms the largest proportion of the earth’s atmosphere?

#32. Which is North America’s only marsupial? [——-]

#33. Which is referred to as the Red Planet?

#34. Which is the only bird from which we get leather? [——-]

#35. Which is the second planet from the sun?

#36. Which is the tallest living mammal?

#37. Which is the world’s longest type of grass?

#38. Which long-bodied, short-legged dog has the breed, Cardigan Welsh?

#39. Which sweet syrup is produced by bees from the nectar of flowers?

#40. Which weather phenomenon takes its name from the Spanish words for ‘the little boy’ because it generally occurs around Christmas?

#41. Black Hairstreak and Pear blue are species of which insect?

#42. Blue, Pilot and Minke are all species of what?

#43. Boll weevils are particularly destructive to which crop?

#44. Chemically pure gold is rated as how many carats?

#45. Cork is harvested from the bark of what kind of tree?

#46. A Manatee?

#47. From what animal do we get Cashmere?

#48. How many arms does a Starfish usually have?

#49. How many claws does a domestic cat have?

#50. How many eyes does a bee have?

#51. How many legs does a lobster use for walking?

#52. How many pairs of legs does a spider have?

#53. How many planets in our Solar System have only one moon?

#54. How many sides do the patterns of all snow crystal have?

#55. How many legs/tentacles does a squid have?

#56. Mallard, Muscovy and Aylesbury are all types of what?

#57. Marsh gas is a common name for what?

#58. The two types of Panda are?

#59. Phobos and Deimos are moons of which planet?

#60. The brightest star in the sky, often called the Dog Star, has which another name?

#61. What animal would live in an Earth?

#62. What animals name translates as river horse?

#63. What does a frog do when it swallows?

#64. What extinct creature’s name, derived from Greek, means Thunder lizard?

#65. What family of birds does the budgie belong to?

#66. What is a Baby Oyster called?

#67. What is a baby Seal called?

#68. What is Kumquat?

#69. What is a Sequoia?

#70. What is the collective term for a group of Nightingales?

#71. What is the Gestation Period of an Elephant?

#72. What is the latitude of the Equator?

#73. What is the name given to the prehistoric landmass formed before the continents broke up?

#74. What is the scientific name for the white of an egg?

#75. What is the term for an animal which eats the food of both animal and vegetable origin?

#76. What kind of animal is a Water Ouzel?

#77. What kind of creature is a Frogmouth?

#78. What name is given to a female hedgehog?

#79. What name is given to a tail that can be used for swinging and gripping?

#80. What sort of creature is a Cassowary?

#81. What sort of creature is a Cicada?

#82. What sort of creature is a Gelada?

#83. What sort of creature is a Grebe?

#84. What sort of creature is a Mandrill?

#85. What sort of creature is a Quetzal?

#86. What sort of creature is a Yellowhammer?

#87. What type of animal is a Caracal?

#88. What type of animal is a Margay?

#89. What type of animal is a Nilgai?

#90. What type of bird is a Lory?

#91. What type of bird is a Yaffle?

#92. What type of creature is a Pacific Sea Wasp?

#93. What type of creature is a Tai Pan?

#94. What, on average is the longest snake in the world?

#95. Catadromous fish?

#96. Which appropriately named the animal, found in Central and South America, is the loudest land animal in the world?

#97. Which giant planet takes approximately 165 Earth years to orbit the sun?

#98. Which has the longest lifespan?

#99. Which is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust, and the third most abundant element of all?

#100. Which is the only type of bird which can fly backwards?

#101. Which metallic element has the symbol Na?

#102. Which species contains the most poisonous animal in the world?

#103. Which toxic gas has the Chemical formula CO?

#104. Which two planets are closer to the Sun than the Earth?


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