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London Questions and Answers



#1. Unscramble these London attractions Eth Shoues fo Niprmleaat Rwoet Grdibe Bigumkncah Cpaale Nnolod Eey

#2. Camden, Greenwich and Hackney are London what?

#3. Complete these four London place names Ch-l–a Lam—- L—sham So-th-ar-

#4. Who knew London as Londinium?

#5. Unscramble these London Airport names Whaherto Tkwcgai Sdeanstt Ulnot Ytic

#6. I am an Anglican cathedral on Ludgate Hill, I am the seat of the Bishop of London, I have one of the highest domes in the world. What am I?

#7. I am a multi-purpose indoor arena in London. I have a capacity of 23,000. What is the missing word from my name? The — Arena

#8. My full name is Collegiate Church of St Peter. I am a large mainly Gothic church. I was established by Royal Charter of Queen Elizabeth I in 1560. What am I?

#9. What is the commonly used name for the Central Criminal Court in London? Where are the missing words? The — ——

#10. What sporting event involving thousands of competitors occurred on Sunday 26 April 2009? What are the missing two words? The L—– M——-

#11. German bombing raids on London during WWII are collectively known as?

#12. Yeomen Warders of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London are better known as?

#13. I am a large office and shopping development in East London. I contain some of London’s tallest buildings I have an animal name in my name. C—– W—-



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