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Kids Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. Which of these is not an animal?

#2. You wave with your?

#3. People like to ride?

#4. A horse has how many legs?

#5. You smell with your?

#6. What do we water to help them grow?

#7. Knives and Forks are made of?

#8. Wood comes from?

#9. In the day we cannot see the Sun.

#10. You play a guitar by plucking the?

#11. What do we watch that uses electricity?

#12. Which of these is false?

#13. It’s healthy for your body to?

#14. Thirsty people need?

#15. Tired people need?

#16. Things fall when you drop them because of?

#17. Which of these is not like the others?

#18. Which of these is not like the others?

#19. From sheep we get?

#20. If you freeze water you get?

#21. If you boil water you get?

#22. Incisors, Molars and Canines are?

#23. Why do gardeners sometimes keep plants in a greenhouse?

#24. Sandstone, Granite and Pumice are types of?

#25. If you dropped a sheet of glass it might?

#26. Metal comes from?

#27. Paper is made from?

#28. Glass is made from?

#29. You have a shadow because?

#30. If you are outside and your shadow is in front of you then the Sun is?

#31. Wood is attracted by magnets.;

#32. How many legs does a spider have?

#33. What colour is a male Northern Cardinal bird?

#34. Who is the author of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory?

#35. In what US State is Disneyland located?

#36. What kind of plant is a prickly pear?

#37. On what continent are piranhas found?

#38. According to superstition, how many years bad luck comes from breaking a mirror?

#39. Who of the following was not a US President?

#40. What does it mean if an animal is said to be nocturnal?

#41. Which planet is closest to the Sun?


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