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Island Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. Which is the larger in area of the two main islands which make up New Zealand – North or South?

#2. Which country or part of a country is NOT located on the island of Borneo?

#3. What name did Captain James Cook give to the modern-day Hawaiian islands when he first explored the area in 1778?

#4. The Galapagos Islands are administrated by which country?

#5. Who was NOT a character on the 1960s sitcom “Gilligan’s Island”?

#6. The island of Honshu is home to which world capital city?

#7. Which island is famous for its monolith stone heads known as “moais”?

#8. Who wrote the 1896 novel “The Island Of Doctor Moreau”?

#9. The title ape in the 1933 film “King Kong” lives on which island?

#10. The West Indies island of Hispaniola is occupied by Haiti and which other nation?

#11. Which famous novel features the flying island of Laputa?

#12. Which island group lies about 1,600 kms. west of Portugal?

#13. The symbol for the chemical element copper, Cu, comes from a Latin word for which island known for its copper mines?

#14. The Greek island of Corfu is located in what body of water?

#15. In the 1973 film “Papillon,” Steve McQueen escapes from which penal colony island?

#16. Holy Island is an alternative name for which island off the coast of North East England? [L——-rne]

#17. On which island was Nelson Mandela imprisoned between 1964 and 1982? [—— Island]

#18. Port of Spain is the capital of which Island state? [——–]

#19. Where in the UK, apart from London, would you find London Underground trains operating on a commercial railway? [The Isle of W—-]

#20. Where in the USA was the scene of a nuclear accident on March 28th, 1979?

#21. Where was Alfred Dreyfus imprisoned on a false charge of treason from 1894 to 1899? [D—– Island]

#22. Which island is separated from mainland Australia by the Bass Strait?

#23. Which Island was discovered by Eric the Red in about the year 982, and subsequently given a flattering name to attract settlers?

#24. Which poet wrote in 1624 that “no man is an island, entire of itself”? [J— Do—]


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