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International Cuisines Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. Where was Waldorf Salad created?

#2. What is the favourite flavour ice cream of Americans?

#3. In food, a shallot is a small member of which family of vegetables?

#4. What flavour is Bigarade Sauce?

#5. What is the most predominant colour in a bag of M&M candies?

#6. In food, what name is given to dried plums?

#7. In food, what makes up the raw ingredients of crudites appetisers?

#8. A dessert consisting of halved peaches, vanilla ice cream, covered in a certain sauce is named after which Australian opera singer, born Helen Mitchell?

#9. What shape are Manicotti Pasta?

#10. What type of nut is used to make Pesto Sauce?

#11. Tartare sauce is traditionally served with what?

#12. What do the English usually call the fruit of the Horse Chestnut tree?

#13. What name is given to ice cream in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla layers?

#14. What is Paprika?

#15. In food, what ‘P’ is used to describe beans, peas and lentils?

#16. What is Kromeski?

#17. Which island do you associate with Jerk Chicken?

#18. If you crimp a piecrust, what do you do to it?

#19. In Indian cookery, what type of meat is Murghi?

#20. A Hunza is which type of fruit?

#21. Pilsner, Bock, and Malt Liquor are types of?

#22. Olives are a good source of which vitamin?



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