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History of All USA Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. America’s victory in which battle led to France joining the War of Independence? [S——-]

#2. Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic solo for the first time in 1927. What was the name of his plane? [S—– of St —–]

#3. How was the Volstead Act of 1919 better known? [———–]

#4. In April of this year, Timothy McVeigh and one of his accomplices, Terry Nichols, set off a bomb on mainland America – in which city?

#5. In the American Civil War, which battle is usually seen as the turning point in the fortunes of the Confederacy? [———-]

#6. In the USA the TVA was set up in 1933. What does TVA stand for? [T——– V—– A——–]

#7. In which city was John F Kennedy assassinated?

#8. In which state of the USA is Waco, the scene of an armed siege in 1993?

#9. In which year was the American Declaration of Independence adopted by the Continental Congress?

#10. Iraqi forces occupied what they claimed to be part of their own territory triggering the first Gulf War. What was the name of the country they invaded?

#11. Mathematician Theodore Kaczynski was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for a campaign of letter bombs in the US. What nickname was he given by the FBI?

#12. The world’s first what opened in Coney Island, New York on June 13th, 1884? [R—– ——-]

#13. What was the name of the play Lincoln was attending at Ford’s Theater when he was assassinated? [O– A——- C—–]

#14. According to popular account, the Great Chicago Fire was started when a cow kicked over a lantern. Who was supposed to have owned the cow? [Mrs. -‘—–]

#15. What were the code names for the two atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945? [L—– B– and F– M–]

#16. John Hinckley, Jr. attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in an effort to impress which actress? [J—- F—–]

#17. What was the name of the ship that carried the Pilgrims from Holland to Massachusetts? [M——–]

#18. In 1968, US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara announced a controversial decision to shut down what facility in Massachusetts? [S———- A—–]

#19. The first cash prize for winning what event was awarded in 1986, prior to this the only prize was a wreath woven of olive branches? [B—– M——]

#20. What is the colloquial name for the Boston highway project that began official planning in 1982 and was finally completed in 2007 at a cost of over $14.6 billion? [The B– D–]

#21. What is the official name of Rhode Island? [State of R—- I—– and P——— P———-]

#22. Rhode Island is the only state to continue to celebrate what, as a state holiday on the 2nd Monday in August? [V—— O— J—- Day ]


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