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Geography Questions and Answers



#1. Tajik is the official language of which Central Asian country?

#2. Which northern seaside resort contains ‘The Golden Mile’?

#3. What is the unit of currency in Malaysia?

#4. Tunisia borders which body of water?

#5. What is the official language of Kazakhstan?

#6. What kind of plantations are found on the Blue Mountains in Jamaica?

#7. In which body of water would you find the Falkland Islands?

#8. Goulash, a stew of beef, vegetables and paprika, was first eaten in which country?

#9. A Venetian is an inhabitant of which European city?

#10. In which island group would you find Ibiza, Majorca and Formentera?

#11. In which body of water would you find the islands of Unst, Yell and Bressay?

#12. Which country lies between India and Afghanistan?

#13. In which African country would you find the River Bafing and town of Kindia?

#14. Singapore time year-round is G.M.T. plus how many hours?

#15. How many countries have borders with Austria?

#16. The Golden Larch is native to which country?

#17. What is the second most widely spoken language of Kuwait?

#18. Of which Islamic country is Kabul the capital city?

#19. In which country is the Great Victoria Desert?

#20. What is the capital of Morocco?

#21. Which country administers the Canadian Arctic Islands?

#22. Glen Coe is sometimes known as ‘The Glen Of what’?

#23. From what city do the Lakers basketball team come?

#24. Freetown is the capital city of which country?

#25. Cantabria and Galicia are regions of which country?

#26. Drake passage separates South America and which another continent?

#27. Each US state has a cute nickname – what is the nickname of the State of New York? [—— State]

#28. Easter Island is a dependency of which country? [—–]

#29. Excluding Australia, what is the 4th largest island in the world? [———-]

#30. Freetown is the capital of which country? [—— L—-]

#31. Hellenes come from which country?

#32. How is the Flavian Amphitheatre better known?

#33. In which city is the Golden Gate bridge?

#34. In which country are the provinces of Kandahar, Her-at and Helmand?

#35. In which European country is the city of Antwerp?

#36. In which European county are the Cantabrian Mountains?

#37. In which German city is the Oktoberfest held?

#38. In which Italian city is the Colosseum?

#39. In which London park is the Serpentine?

#40. In which Ocean is there an area called Polynesia?



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