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Geography Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. In 2006 Guinea is the world’s second largest producer of which metallic ore, accounting for 90% of export earnings?

#2. In which European country is the city of Prague?

#3. The ‘Black Hills’, which were confiscated from the Sioux Indians in 1877, after the discovery of gold are in which U.S. state?

#4. What was the currency of France before the Euro?

#5. The peninsula of Cape Verde is the westernmost part of which continent?

#6. St Paul is the capital of which American state?

#7. What is the international registration code for cars from Papua New Guinea travelling in a foreign country?

#8. The Sinai Peninsula is situated in which Middle Eastern country?

#9. In which south-central American state would you find the cities of Little Rock, Fort Smith and Pine Bluff?

#10. Which Sydney beach hosted the beach volleyball competition at the 2000 Summer Olympics?

#11. The headquarters of which further education establishment opened in 1971 in Milton Keynes?

#12. Where in Los Angeles will you find the famous Muscle Beach where people exercise in the open?

#13. The Paris district of Montmartre is home to which famous church?

#14. What is the international registration code for cars from Tajikistan travelling in a foreign country?

#15. The American highway Route 66 wound from Chicago to its final destination in which other city?

#16. The Touareg is a nomadic tribe of which African country?

#17. Who was the main urban planner of Brazil’s capital city of Brasilia?

#18. Which African country hosted the 2004 Pan Arab Games?

#19. Fiji is comprised of approximately how many islands?

#20. How is the Fijian President determined?

#21. Which American city is known as the ‘Queen City’?

#22. Which country administers the Zemlya Frantsa-Iosifa Islands?

#23. In which year was Antwerp the European City of Culture?

#24. What is Okeechobee?

#25. Which of these would best fit under the world’s biggest waterfall?

#26. The Golden Dome of Rock is a sacred shine of which religion?

#27. Which of these deserts is in South America?

#28. According to a survey by the Halifax Bank, what is the most common street name in the United Kingdom?

#29. How many European countries does the prime meridian run through?

#30. In Venice, what would you do with a vaporetto?Hint It’s a W—– B–

#31. In which city could you visit the Burrell Collection?

#32. In which city could you walk down the Royal Mile?

#33. In which city is the world’s biggest MacDonalds restaurant?

#34. In which city would you find the Atomium?

#35. In which country are the Apennine mountains?

#36. In which country do 100 stotinki make up 1 lev?

#37. In which country is Blue Mountain coffee grown?

#38. In which country is Cape Wrath?

#39. In which country is Lake Ladoga?

#40. In which country is the Atacama desert?

#41. In which country is the peak of Mount Everest?

#42. In which county in Ireland is the Blarney Stone?

#43. In which county is Charnwood Forest?

#44. In which county is Epping Forest?

#45. In which county is the Vale of the White Horse?

#46. The Larson A and Larson B Ice shelves at in?

#47. In which modern African state is the city of Timbuktu?

#48. In which ocean is the deepest point on earth, the Marianas trench?

#49. In which ocean is the island of Pitcairn?

#50. In which ocean is the island of St Helena?

#51. Lake Vostok is an enormous lake that was discovered in 1975. Where is it?

#52. What is the capital of Lithuania?

#53. Majorca is part of which group of islands?

#54. Mont Blanc is the highest peak in which mountain range?

#55. Mount Hermon is situated on the border between which two countries?

#56. Norman Manley International airport is the airport for which city?

#57. Nunavut is a territory of which country?

#58. Of which Canadian province is Regina the capital?

#59. Of which Canadian province is Winnipeg the capital?

#60. Of which English county is Portland Bill the southern most tip?

#61. Of which European country are the Magyars the largest ethnic group?

#62. The Crimea is in which modern-day country?

#63. The Nore is a sandbank at the mouth of which British river?

#64. The statue of The Little Mermaid can be seen at the entrance to which harbour?

#65. Where is the Scotia Sea?

#66. Which Caribbean Island is named after the Portuguese word for The Bearded Ones?

#67. Which city would you visit to see Wenceslaus Square?

#68. Which country forms the southern border of Tajikistan?

#69. Which country has a flag of horizontal stripes of red, white and green and was home to Erno Rubik, inventor of the infamous cube?

#70. Which country is joined to the continental mainland by a series of islands known as Adams Bridge?

#71. Which country owns the Dodecanese islands?

#72. Which country was formerly known as Lusitania?

#73. Which country was formerly known as Upper Volta?

#74. Which European Union member has the highest density of population?

#75. Which is the southernmost state of the USA?

#76. Which Scandinavian country is home to 4 of the worlds 20 highest waterfalls?

#77. Which two countries are separated by a channel called the Kattegat?

#78. Which US state also has the Union Jack in its flag?

#79. Which US State was named after Queen Elizabeth I?

#80. The highest mountains in England, containing Scafell Pike is called?

#81. England’s largest lake is called?

#82. Which of the following countries is not to the west of England?

#83. As part of the United Kingdom, the basic political system in England is compromised of constitutional monarchy and?

#84. Which of these famous scientists is not British?

#85. The English language is an Indo-European language in the Anglo-Frisian branch of the what family of languages?

#86. In Literature, poetry and philosophy, early authors such as Bede and Alcuin wrote in?

#87. What is the largest landlocked country in the world?

#88. What is the world’s smallest state?

#89. What is the most populous Muslim-majority country?

#90. Which of the following is not a former Soviet Republic?

#91. What is the largest island in the northern hemisphere?

#92. What colors are used on the Russian flag?

#93. Amsterdam is the capital of what country?

#94. What is the world’s tallest mountain per height above sea level?

#95. How many member states are in the European Union (as of 2012)?

#96. How many emirates are in the United Arab Emirates?

#97. What is the largest lake in Australia?

#98. Victoria Falls is located on what river in Africa?

#99. What is the northernmost island of Japan?


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