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Food and Drink Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. Curacao, Grand Marnier, and Cointreau are all liqueurs flavoured with?

#2. What name is given to the two-coloured oblong cake, usually covered in marzipan?

#3. In Hawaii, what sort of food is lomi lomi?

#4. What is a snipe?

#5. The Ugli fruit is also known by what name?

#6. Kit Kat candy bars originated in what country?

#7. What is Sangria typically made with?

#8. Baklava is a Greek or Turkish pastry filled with nuts and flavoured with what?

#9. What canned meat product made its worldwide debut in 1937?

#10. What is the capacity of a demijohn?

#11. Which American singer had a 1968 hit with the single Honey?

#12. What is the name for a tough biscuit which sailors used in place of bread?

#13. Which of these spices turns rice yellow?

#14. “In Indian cookery, what name is given to the flat oval bread cooked in the Tandoor?”

#15. What is added to Worcester sauce and lemon juice to make a Prairie Oyster?

#16. Marsala is a fortified wine originating where?

#17. What does Aloo mean on an Indian menu?

#18. What is a flat pasta dish made with minced meat, tomatoes and white cheese sauce?

#19. In Italy what are Grissini?

#20. Langue de Chat is which type of French food?

#21. What type of pudding is a clafouti?

#22. What do you call a mixture of Champagne and orange juice?

#23. From which part of a pig is Brawn made?

#24. What is the name of a French implement for cutting vegetables?

#25. In what year did Diet Pepsi first appear?

#26. Bannock and Chapati are what?

#27. Boysenberries generally can only be found during which month of the year?

#28. What is unusual about all the dishes in a Dim Sum?

#29. As fruits and vegetables are ripe and harvested in large quantities, it is necessary to think about how to store and cure them so that they can be stored for a longer duration. The method used is called?

#30. Worcestershire sauce, the popular English sauce, is made from dissolved?

#31. Coconut water is sterile and has an ideal pH level. It can be used (in emergencies) as a substitute for blood?

#32. The colour of the twist tie on bread packaging signifies?

#33. The English word dinner is thought to come from?

#34. The country in which desert tribes serve a dish of fish stuffed with eggs and put it inside a chicken. The chicken is then put inside a sheep, and the sheep is put inside a camel and roasted!

#35. This favourite spread for sandwiches was created by a doctor as a health food. In Africa where they were first grown, the main ingredient is known as groundnuts.

#36. The French Name for a fish stew that combines many kinds of fish and shellfish is?

#37. Fibre helps to rid your body of waste and also makes you feel full. It is found in fruits and vegetables and whole-grain cereal. Fibre, however, is not?

#38. A detritivore is an animal that specifically eats what?

#39. Which celebrity chef does plenty of cooking on his or her instructional TV series “Everyday Italian”?

#40. What specific sauce tops on Egg Benedict?

#41. In the 1973 film “Soylent Green,” the title refers to food for the masses, but Charlton Heston discovers at the end that “Soylent Green is” what?

#42. The zucchini, which is typically eaten cooked, is called what in Great Britain?

#43. What was invented by Clarence Birdseye that revolutionised the food industry and garnered him a place in the National Inventors Hall of Fame in the US?

#44. Conchiglie pasta is shaped like what?

#45. Morgan Spurlock eats nothing but what for one month in the 2000s documentary “Super Size Me”?

#46. Liptauer cheese originated in which country?

#47. What is the English translation of the Malaysian dish “nasi goreng”?


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