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About Our Service

We are a website that sells trivia packs. We are based in Australia (thats why our mascot is a kangaroo!).

Our trivia pack contains EVERYTHING you need to run a trivia event. Our goal is to eliminate the effort and time it goes into running a trivia night at a small price. This frees you up and you can focus your energy on your guests, fundraising, organising the event and other important things. 

You can simply buy an individual trivia pack and download the content instantly. If you want to host weekly trivia at your pub or office, you can get a paid subscription to receive trivia packs every week too.

Click here to buy our trivia packs, or here to subscribe to our service.

All our trivia pack contains : 

  1. Choice of 1 hour or 2 hour long questions set.  
  2. Instructions  on how to use the trivia pack 
  3. MC Script which is a program guide for the host with questions, script, tips and fun facts.
  4. Scoring Sheet which helps you score the event. 
  5. Answer Sheet for teams to write answers
  6. A4 Poster to stick at noticeboards and for the venue location
  7. Tie Breaker Questions to determine the winner in case of a tie or for bonus points
  8. Fun Time Filler Table Games to warm up your audience at start, between the rounds or for a special prize. 
If you get a PREMIUM pack , it has all the above plus :
  1. Power point questions with all your questions on beautiful slides. You can run this on a TV or a Big screen.
  2. Certificates for Winners so they get to boast about their achievement and you can finish in style
  3. Social Media images in different sizes for WhatsApp , Instagram, Facebook to promote your event, 
Bonus Picture Table Trivia 

You can print our picture trivia and give it to each team for a bonus point. For example our game ‘cross the bridge’ has images of 8 bridge images for the teams to guess the names. We recommend you get it for our customers love this. 


Click here to see all the above as samples here. 

If you know how to plan a trivia event; can write well-thought, fact checked,  trivia questions; can come up with a script so your event goes smoothly and on time; have some game ideas and material to entertain your guests; know how to gather answers and score and take care of the audience and sponsors you are good to go. 

But this is very hard for most people and they would rather focus on the people and their mission (fund raising, having fun etc) . If you want to save hassle on all of the above for a small price, we are your best bet. 

Using our print-only pack, you can print our material and your are all good to go. 

The premium pack helps to make your event extra special by running your trivia on a TV or a projector! The questions also come on a power point and each question is displayed on a slide with a beautiful picture. This helps everyone understand the question and engage better. You can also  add your sponsor’s or company logos on powerpoint to make the event memorable.

The premium pack also comes with : 

— A certificate for the winning team 

— Social media posters to promote your event. 

If you buy a premium pack and change your mind, it still can be used to run your event without a TV (like a print only pack). So if you are unsure , just get the premium pack for few more dollars as you cannot upgrade latter.

Oh, very good content !

We have thousands of expertly written fun questions. We  pack these questions into smartly thought trivia packs with images. Our questions are written for different countries (like USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand audience). But any pack can really be used for any audience as we make sure it caters to wide variety of audience at your event.

You can browse our trivia pack section here and each pack has details of what types of questions it has.

Just a printer. Follow the instructions and print the pack as per our instructions. 

If you purchased a premium pack, you’ll need a laptop to run the Power point (PPT) on a TV or a projector. You can buy a premium pack and also run it as a print only pack incase you change your mind. 

We assure you that you’ll never have to resort to this step. We are confident about our quality and the fact that you’ll equally enjoy it! However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase at Triviaroo, simply write to us within 7 days from the date of purchase at [email protected] expressing your concern, and we’ll refund the amount in full.

Running a trivia program

First browse and pick a trivia pack of your choice. You can choose 1 hour pack(2 rounds) or 2 hour pack (4 rounds) as a print only pack or a premium TV pack. 

Pay for it and then you will receive your pack download link on email. Open this link on a computer to download the contents as a zip file. Right click to unzip the files and its all done.

There is an instructions manual in the pack. This will guide you through all details on what you need, how to prepare, scoring, tips etc. Just like as if you have a trivia event organiser by your side.

Of course! All our trivia packs are ready to host, and exclusively designed to equip you with everything that is needed to confidently host a successful trivia event- from questions, answer sheets, score card, power point, to all the marketing materials you need.

Its easy. 

Open the powerpoint on a laptop and cast the screen on to your TV or projector. Our power points are all high resolution and really feel like a game so the audience wont even feel its a powerpoint. 

If you need more details just email us. 

If you get the premium pack, the power point slides can be edited to add your sponsor’s or company’s feedback.

Nothing. Each pack comes with detailed instructions on how you can sail through a trivia event and we done all the hard work for you. Just start with that and you will be all set to go.

About subscriptions

Our subscription service is for people who host trivia nights or events frequently. You get a choice to select how often you need Trivia content- Weekly, Monthly, or more than twice a week. You will be emailed a Dropbox link with freshly updated Trivia content with all the marketing materials based on your frequency preference. You are free to unsubscribe at any time.

This never happens. We are diligent about our work and take extra care to make sure our customers are happy. However, in rare cases, even if it does happen, here’s what you can do:

  1. Check your spam/trash folder to locate our email. If you find it there, mark Triviaroo as “not spam” so that our emails henceforth land in your inbox
  2. Check your unique Dropbox link in case you cannot locate the email. We’ll be updating the content to the same link that you can access anytime from anywhere.

If both of the above options do not work, please write to us at [email protected] and we’ll resolve it at our earliest opportunity for you.

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