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Entertainment Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. In which year did Stanley Kubrick make his first feature-length film, ‘Fear and Desire’?

#2. In the 1969 Ken Loach film ‘Kes’ what kind of bird was Kes?

#3. Who played Superman in the TV series ‘The New Adventures of Superman’ in the 1990’s?

#4. In James Bond, what is Q’s real surname?

#5. Which actress was paid over $12 million to appear in the film ‘Striptease’?

#6. What did villain Xenia Onatopp use to kill her victims in ‘Goldeneye’?

#7. On the sitcom ‘Seinfeld’ what did Vandelay Industries sell?

#8. How many housing properties are on a Monopoly board?

#9. Which disaster movie featured the title track ‘We May Never Love Like This Again’?

#10. Which of these was not one of the Marx Brothers?

#11. Which of these is the biggest-selling clothes brand?

#12. In which film by Ingmar Bergman does a man play chess against the Grim Reaper?

#13. In which film did Jeanne Tripplehorn play the role of Dr Beth Garner?

#14. The Beatles had a Number 1 hit with ‘She Loves You’ in which year?

#15. Which movie won the Best Film Oscar in 1931?

#16. Who directed the 1927 science fiction film ‘Metropolis’?

#17. Which of the following had the longest film career?

#18. In which city is the first mission based in ‘Goldeneye 007’?

#19. In which year did the world’s longest-running TV sitcom ‘Coronation Street’ begin?

#20. Which actor played Johnny Friendly in ‘On The Waterfront’?

#21. Whoopi Goldberg provided the voice for which character in the 1994 animated film ‘The Lion King’?

#22. For which two movies did Hugo Weaving win A.F.I. awards in the Best Actor category?

#23. How many valves does a Cornet have?

#24. Who directed himself in the 1981 film ‘Sharky’s Machine’?

#25. The NZ government agency tasked with assisting the creation and promotion of New Zealand films is?

#26. New Zealand’s first filmmaker was Alfred Whitehouse who made 10 films between?

#27. In 1981 New Zealand director Geoff Murphy had a massive local New Zealand hit with his movie?

#28. How many academy awards did 1993s The Piano win?

#29. Who directed the 1992 film Chaplin?

#30. In 1993 Kenneth Branagh directed and appeared in a film version of which Shakespeare play?

#31. The 1994 film Backbeat chronicles the early days of?

#32. In GoldenEye Judi Dench replaced actor Robert Brown and appeared as?

#33. Which 1999 period drama film portrays a family in the early 1900s defending their honour when the 13-year old son is thrown out of the Royal Naval College due to theft accusations.

#34. In 1998 Joseph Fiennes played William Shakespeare in?

#35. The 2009 film Dorian Gray was based on a story by?

#36. Who played the female lead in 2008s The Duchess?

#37. The 2008 documentary about Philippe Petit’s 1974 high wire walk between the two towers of the World Trade Centre was?

#38. In 2008 which Bond movie was released?

#39. The Last King of Scotland released in 2006 is set in?

#40. In the 2006 film The Queen, who played The Queen?

#41. Which Harry Potter movie was released in 2005?

#42. The Mike Leigh directed film Vera Drake, released in 2004 was about?

#43. 2003s Touching the Void was about?

#44. 1980s psychological thriller The Shining starred?

#45. The 1986 farcical comedy Clockwise about the madcap adventures of a headmaster attempting to travel to a headmasters conference starred?

#46. 1985s A View to a Kill the Bond villain Max Zorin was played by?

#47. In the 1982 film Gandhi, directed by Richard Attenborough, who played Gandhi?

#48. The 1989 romantic comedy starring Jeff Goldblum, Emma Thompson, and Rowan Atkinson about an American actor working in London is …?

#49. In the 1989 film Shirley Valentine, a despondent Shirley?

#50. 1984s The Killing Fields was about?

#51. Around what holiday does the film Love Actually, set in London, take place?

#52. Which London-born star almost scored the role of Bridget in Bridget Jones’s Diary?

#53. What famous London landmark is blown up in the movie V for Vendetta?

#54. What year was My Fair Lady, starring Audrey Hepburn, released?

#55. The film 101 Dalmatians is based on the book written by which British author?

#56. The movie Bank Job, released in 2008, is based on the famous 1971?

#57. Mary Poppins received how many Oscar nominations?

#58. Who directed the 2006 mystery thriller film The Prestige?

#59. The 2001 novel The Other Boleyn Girl, a romantic telling of the lives of Mary and Anne Boleyn, was later adapted for the silver screen. What year was the film released?

#60. Danny Boyle’s 2000s film “28 Days Later” is a comedy about an unplanned pregnancy.

#61. Which 1934 British film by Alfred Hitchcock was remade by Hitchcock in 1956 with James Stewart as the star?

#62. Major Clipton utters what famous words as the final line in David Lean’s 1957 film “The Bridge On The River Kwai”?

#63. Singer Art Garfunkel starred in Nicolas Roeg’s 1980 British film “Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession.”

#64. What is the weapon of choice of the villain Oddjob in the 1964 James Bond film “Goldfinger”?

#65. What image is associated with the opening of J. Arthur Rank films?

#66. Jamie Bell won the best actor in a leading role BAFTA for his performance in the 2000 film “Billy Elliot.”

#67. Who directed the 1982 feature film “The Draughtsman’s Contract”?

#68. In the 1994 film “Four Weddings And A Funeral,” Andie McDowell as Carrie keeps running into Charles, played by whom, at social events?

#69. British director John Boorman received a best director Oscar nomination for his 1987 film “Hope And Glory,” which takes place during which conflict?

#70. Which is NOT a song from Carol Reed’s 1968 musical “Oliver!”?


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