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Cardiff trivia Questions and Answers



#1. The population of Wales is roughly the same as?

#2. The patron saint of Wales is?

#3. The first line of the Welsh national anthem translates as?

#4. Which singer was born in Pontypridd?

#5. The village called Llanddewi Brefi is famous for?

#6. In the award-winning TV series Gavin and Stacey, Stacey lives in?

#7. Per square mile, Wales has the world record for the most?

#8. Dylan Thomas set Under Milkwood in a village called?

#9. Which actor came from the same town as Richard Burton?

#10. A large number of Welsh towns start with Llan. Llan means?

#11. The last Welsh Prince of Wales was?

#12. The present Prince of Wales studied for a short time in which college of the University of Wales?

#13. Which of these politicians became Prime Minister of UK?

#14. In the 60s a landslide of coal waste killed most of the children and teachers in a school in?

#15. The capital city of Wales is?

#16. Driving from London to South Wales which motorway would you take?

#17. Which river is the boundary between England and South Wales?

#18. As at 2010 the wider metropolitan area of Cardiff had a population of around?

#19. Cardiff was proclaimed capital of Wales in?

#20. Prior to the Big Number Change on 22 April 2000 the telephone dialling code for Cardiff was?

#21. The British Embassy of the United States operates an office in Cardiff?

#22. In 1860 what opened in Cardiff?

#23. In 1840 New Zealand briefly became part of New South Wales. True or False?

#24. The colony of New South Wales was founded in?

#25. Mount Kosciuszko, the highest point in New South Wales is?

#26. The Sydney Opera House was completed in?

#27. On the 5th of August 1944 in Cowra?

#28. Who became NSW premier on 24th June 1992?

#29. Lachlan Macquarie was governor of NSW from?

#30. As of 2010 what percentage of NSW’s population is in Sydney?

#31. In 1974 at Lake Mungo, the oldest anatomically modern human remains found in Australia were discovered. They are known as?

#32. In 1840 in order to vote in the Sydney City Council election, you needed to?

#33. In New Castle in 1989?

#34. Which 19th-century politician, known as “Friend of Freedom” has a statue erected in his memory in The Hayes?

#35. According to the television programme “Torchwood”, which division of the Torchwood Institute serves as the monitoring station for the Cardiff Rift?

#36. In what year has Cardiff proclaimed capital city of Wales?

#37. Which monarch granted Cardiff it’s Charter of Incorporation, in 1616?

#38. Which author of the autobiographies “Boy: Tales of Childhood”, and “Going Solo” was born in Cardiff?

#39. Llandaff Cathedral is dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul, and also to three Welsh saints: Dubricius, Teilo, and whom?

#40. Which of these is NOT depicted on the Animal Wall outside Bute Park?

#41. The oldest record shop in the world is located in Cardiff. What is its name?

#42. The city motto of Cardiff reads ” The ________ dragon will lead the way”. To what colour dragon does the motto refer?

#43. In order to build the Cardiff Central railway station in the 19th century, what river was diverted from its course?

#44. In Roath Park Lake, there is a memorial commemorating Captain Scott’s “Terra Nova” expedition. What does this memorial resemble?


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