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British Film Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. Mentions of both Princess Diana and the designer [V——] prompted edits in production for the movie Spice World, as they were alive when the film was made but both died before its release.

#2. The Winchester Pub serves as a refuge from attacking zombies in which film?

#3. Which famous real-life duo is the focus of the 1999 British biopic “Topsy-Turvy”? [—b–t and –ll—-]

#4. At the beginning of Stanley Kubrick’s film “A Clockwork Orange,” Alex and his “droogs” are hanging out at the [Kor— M—bar].

#5. Which British film production company is known for making horror films such as “The Curse Of Frankenstein” from 1957 and “Dracula” from 1958? [–mm–]

#6. The title characters in the 1987 comedy “Withnail & I” are two unemployed [–to–] who take a trip to the country.


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