The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Trivia Night


Are you a venue wanting to bring in more patrons?  Or do you need to raise funds for a communityorganisation? If so, hosting a trivia night could be a brilliant solution. It might seem overwhelming, but it’s easier than you realise.  

The 3 main components to think about are the questions, the host and the venue. Within each of those, there are a variety of factors you need to consider: –

How much time do you have? -what (if any) resources do you already have available? –

are you able to take on some of the duties (such as writing questions or hosting the night) yourself? 

Once these hurdles are cleared, you can be on your way to a really fun and memorable night. 

Here are few tips and tricks to run a hassle free Trivia Night.

What is difference between Trivia and a Quiz night?

Technically as nouns, a quiz is something designed to puzzle while trivia is insignificant trifles of little importance. But for the practical purpose of organizing a Quiz Night or a Trivia Night both absolutely the same. You will observe both the words being used interchangeably within this application.

What is a Trivia Night?

A Trivia Night is a fun evening where people form into teams and answer fun Trivia questions. Its typically conducted by a Trivia Master who runs the event, scores and declares a winner. A Trivia event is as much about the fun, socializing and fundraising as much as it is about the actual Trivia.

What are the benefits of running a Trivia Night?

Trivia Nights are great fun and can help you raise awareness for a particular cause, raise funds, create networking opportunities, grow your social circle, grow your business or just help you get popular among your office, school or community. Trivia nights are also great as team bonding exercise or to be part of another major event. If you are running a social club, pub, charity or a relevant business it can certainly help bring more customers and funds.

What do I need to run a Trivia Night?

It’s a good idea to have some food or drinks either for sale or for free. A microphone and projector are recommended but optional depending upon your crowd and venue. You can either print sets of questions sheets or just read them out loud.

What is the overall structure and process of running a Trivia Night?

Publicize: Publicize your Trivia Night using notice boards, emails, social media, flyers so enough people attend the event.  If you are a club or a business it’s a good idea to do it at the same time (say every Thursday at 6pm) so people remember it.

Preparation: Make sure your venue and the furniture is suitable to the expected crowd.  Picking the right length and questions for your audience could determine the success of your night which Triviaroo can help you in choosing.

How to start: Meet and greet the people. Take people’s team names, details, and fee. Triviaroo’s Team section can help you gather and save these details and help track if they have paid. If you have a VIP or food logistics make sure you have helpers to attend to them. When it’s time to start, announce the team names, a short speech and request people to turn off mobiles. Both the projector and print screens of Triviaroo can help you with this.

Running the quiz: Connect your computer to a projector and go to the projector mode in Triviaroo. You can navigate through the rounds and reveal the answer on the screen. There is an active timer displayed to help you track time. If you do not have a projector use print mode to make copies of the questions to distribute. If you select the Trivia Master’s set, it will contain the answer too. You can still open the projector mode on your computer so you can track the questions and the timer or just use the Trivia Master’s set.

Scoring: You can have a helper score the answer sheets. If you are using Triviaroo open the teams and scoring screen in a separate tab and you can score live on the screen.  This could further make your Trivia very engaging. You can award a team full points or partial points basing on their answer. Triviaroo shows live results and you can read them out loud at the end of each screen.

Finishing: The team reaching the highest score wins, Announce them. If you are meeting for a cause or charity it’s a good time to remind everyone and thank them.

Tips to encourage more fun: People might sometimes dispute a question, answer or with other teams. Remember it’s a fun event and allow it as long as it’s fun and easy. Triviaroo has a reference section for each question which you could use or you can enter your own comments. Encourage interactivity and people discussing to make it a fun and memorable night. Give time for people to stretch or use the restroom between rounds.

Tips to pick great questions: Pick a round related to a theme or field of your school or club.  Choose multiple choice questions as they encourage more discussion around teams. Write your own question related to your club or to your town. Triviaroo also has the ability to upload an Audio or Video question which adds more spice to your Trivia.

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