It’s easy to host a fun, entertaining and memorable trivia event. Have a browse through our trusty trivia tips and ideas below.

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The latest tips and tricks for your trivia hosting. 

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Trivia Night

Are you a venue wanting to bring in more patrons?  Or do you need to raise funds for a communityorganisation? If so, hosting a trivia night could be a brilliant solution. It might seem overwhelming, but it’s easier than you realise.   The 3 main components to think about are the questions, the host and the venue. Within each of those, there are a variety of factors you need to consider: – How much time do you have? -what (if any) resources do you already have available? – are you able to take on some of the duties (such as writing questions or hosting the night) yourself?  Once these hurdles are cleared, you can be on your way to a really fun and memorable night.  Here are few tips and tricks to run a hassle free Trivia Night. What is difference between Trivia and