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Bird Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. How many species of birds are there in Australia?

#2. What is the smallest bird in Australia?

#3. One of the famous tourist attractions in Victoria is watching night parades of these birds returning from the sea to their burrows. What type of birds are they?

#4. There is a family of birds in Australia, called honeyeaters. What is the major item in their diet?

#5. The Australian bird Cockatoo belongs to the family of?

#6. The Australian pelican is said to have the longest what in the world?

#7. The premier organisation in Australia studying and protecting birds is?

#8. The Western Capercaillie, Black, Red and Ptarmigan are the four British species of?

#9. Although Swans generally pair for life, modern technology has indicated that divorces occur, and pairs separate more commonly than was thought. True or False?

#10. Swan meat has been outlawed by royal decree since the reign of Ethelred of Wessex in 871 AD. True or False?

#11. The most common bird (as measured by breeding pairs) in the UK is?

#12. The Common Puffin is also known as the?

#13. The retina of a common Tawny / Brown Owl is significantly, perhaps 100 times, more sensitive than a human retina. True or False?

#14. The Skylark is?

#15. Birds of the order Passeriformes also known as?

#16. Of the 80 worldwide species of Wren, the single resident breeding species in the UK is?

#17. The British Ornithologists Union considers there to be how many species of bird in the UK?


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