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Australian Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. What is the highest point in South Australia?

#2. In 1954 future Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke made it into the Guinness Record Book for what reason?

#3. In terms of land mass, the country of Australia ranks ?

#4. Which three countries are part of the ANZUS treaty?

#5. What state is Port Macquarie in?

#6. According to the 2010 CIA World Factbook, what is the only country listed that does not have a bigger population than Australia?

#7. As of 2010 how many Nobel Prize winners had Australia produced?

#8. As of 2010 about how many people are in the Australian Army?

#9. Who was the first Roman Catholic Prime Minister of Australia?

#10. Holt was a federal parliamentarian for 32 years, the same as Robert Menzies.

#11. Who was Australia’s first Prime Minister?

#12. Who is the longest serving Labor Prime Minister?

#13. Who is Australia’s longest-lived Prime Minister?

#14. Gough Whitlam was dubbed ‘the young _______’ when he entered parliament because of his height (194cm) and imperious bearing.

#15. Which Australian Prime Minister went to school with the film star Errol Flynn at Shore?

#16. Who was Australia’s Prime Minister when the first browser program (the world wide web) went on sale and transformed the Internet paths to a global network?

#17. Who was the Governor General when Gough Whitlam was dismissed?

#18. Who was the youngest ever Prime Minister?

#19. Therese Rein is the fourth prime ministerial wife with a university degree.

#20. Australia’s longest serving Prime Minister Robert Menzies was Prime Minister for?

#21. Which Australian Prime Minister was named after a famous British Prime Minister?

#22. How many eyes can be seen on a pack of cards?

#23. Omar Shariff represented Egypt at Bridge and what other sport?

#24. A bridge hand is called a Yarborough if it contains?

#25. In Australia, the summer festival of the bridge is held in?

#26. The open team that represents Australia is international competition consists of how many players?

#27. Which is the highest ranking suit in the game of bridge?

#28. Which of these stars of the golden screen was a bridge player?

#29. When 4 players play a hand of bridge two are called defenders one declarer and the other is called?

#30. How old do you have to be to play on the Australian senior team?

#31. Which of these old comedy teams often had scenes of a bridge game in their films?

#32. The person who officiates a bridge game deals with irregularities, awards penalties and scores is called?

#33. The most prolific Australian author of books on the bridge is?

#34. Having won 2 out of 3 games against your opponents you have said to have won?

#35. Which of these cities never used tram transport?

#36. In which Australian city is a memorial to the Tolpuddle Martyrs?

#37. Surfers Paradise was previously called?

#38. Which state or territory was the first to give women the vote?

#39. Paterson wrote the words of Waltzing Matilda in?

#40. Who said All the way with LBJ?

#41. Archibald, the man who founded the Archibald prize for portraiture made his fortune in?

#42. Until the 1870s WAs economy was based on what?

#43. I was built in 1830, designed by Henry Willey Reveley. I am the first permanent building in the Swan River Colony. I was built as a prison and finally opened to the public in 1982. What am I?

#44. What was WAs population in 1950?

#45. What was WAs population in 1990?

#46. The city of Perth was named after?

#47. The layout of the centre of Melbourne central business district is known as?

#48. What was the Melbournes population in 1836?

#49. The Melbourne team in the 2010 Super 15 rugby union competition is called?

#50. Which two of the big four Australian banks are headquartered in Melbourne?

#51. What is at the corner of Swanston and Collins Streets?

#52. The largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere can be found in Wollongong and it is the?

#53. Which famous music artist visited a Buddhist Temple in Wollongong in 2010?

#54. The area was originally inhabited by a group of Indigenous Australians called?

#55. Which famous author penned the novel ‘Kangaroo’ while staying at the suburb of Thirroul?

#56. European navigators George Bass and Matthew Flinders landed in 1796 in which body of water in New South Wales?

#57. The city of Wollongong was established in what year?

#58. What was the name of the military force, formed with Australian volunteers, which took part in World War One?

#59. What military conflict was the most costly for Australia in terms of human losses?

#60. Against the troops of what country did the Australians have their first battle in World War One?

#61. In what year did Australia declare war on Germany and enter World War Two?

#62. In what region did Australians fight during the early years of World War Two?

#63. The Battle for Australia took place between 1940 and 1945. What enemies did Australia have to fight against during this series of military actions?

#64. How many lives of Australians were lost during World War Two?

#65. For Australia the Vietnam War was?

#66. For how many years did Australia participate in the Vietnam War?

#67. What was the code name for the Australian military operation during the invasion of Iraq in 2003?

#68. In 2010 how many Australian soldiers participated in the Afghanistan war?

#69. Initially, hat was the major source of inspiration for the first painters, who arrived from Europe to colonial Australia?

#70. What was the first significant art movement in Australia?

#71. What artist is believed to form the foundation of the Australian style of painting?

#72. Frederick McCubbin is usually mentioned as the most impressionistic among the Australia-born painters. What is the most known work of this painter?

#73. What Australian city became a cradle of modernism movement in Australia?

#74. One of the Australian painters described his work as ‘a confused mix of landscape, animals, and Aboriginal culture, with a kind of Bible overtone’. Who was that painter?

#75. What is the name of a modern Australian artist, who used to scrape back the black oil and wax from her paintings to reveal the underlying image?

#76. Which of these painting are by Russel Drysdale?

#77. Papunya Tula was an example of the art movement in contemporary Australian painting. Who participated in this movement?

#78. Richard Larter is often regarded as the?grandfather? of Pop art in Australia. What did Larter use instead of a brush for making his masterpieces?

#79. Michael Johnson represents a new generation of abstractionists in Australia. What specific technique did he often use on his paintings?

#80. As of 2010 the number of people in the regular (not reserve) Australian Army was?

#81. What is an AJ?

#82. Operation Kruger was based in which country?

#83. The operational range of a Bushmaster is about?

#84. Whose mascot is a Sand goanna (Varanus panoptes)?

#85. The Tiger ARH helicopter is manufactured by?

#86. Wellington became New Zealand’s capital in?

#87. The Suburb of Miramar is well known for?

#88. What did the TEV Wahine do in 1968?

#89. As of 2010, the population of Wellington is about?

#90. Vicki Wilson was a member of which Australian national team for fifteen years?

#91. Duncan Armstrong represented Australia in?

#92. In 2006 the Australian World Cup Football team exited at which round?

#93. On 25th March the ABS announced that the Australian population had exceeded?

#94. On the 17th of October Mary MacKillop was canonised by which pope?

#95. Who won the 1st Ashes Test between Australia and England at Brisbane – Nov 25-29, 2010?

#96. Which of these countries has a greater population than Australia?

#97. Who visited Australia first George Bass or Matthew Flinders?

#98. 40% of the worlds known uranium reserves are at the South Australian?

#99. As of 2010, Australia was the worlds?

#100. The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation is also known as?

#101. The floating of the Australian dollar occurred in?

#102. English is Australia’s official language?

#103. Australia rests on the tectonic plate called the?

#104. Australia is the world’s largest inhabited island and the smallest continent. True or False?

#105. Granny Smith apples originated in Australia. True or False?

#106. The Barkly Tableland is primarily in Western Australia. True or False?

#107. Australian women born in 2006 have a life expectancy of?

#108. If you go to Philip Island, you can?

#109. Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory is nearly half the size of Switzerland. True or False?

#110. If you are in Margaret River, you are in which state?

#111. The Daintree Rainforest in far north Queensland is home to which critically endangered species?

#112. The Twelve Apostles are a collection of twelve Miocene limestone rock stacks that stand in the ocean by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. True or False?

#113. The Sydney Opera House’s modern expressionist design, mimics what shape?

#114. The Eureka Stockade rebellion against mining taxed occurred in?

#115. From 1989 to 1992 during the term of John Cains government, Victoria experienced an?

#116. In 2003 Melbourne was named as a UNESCO City of?

#117. The first foreign involvement of Victorian military forces was?

#118. By 1907 Melbourne had how many lifts/elevators?

#119. During the 1880s boom, hotels that refused to serve alcohol were referred to as?

#120. Melbourne was the capital of Australia?

#121. The Black Saturday bushfires occurred on and around?

#122. Australia’s first telephone exchange opened in Melbourne in?

#123. In 1954 Skyline opened in Burwood, it was Australia’s first?

#124. In 2006 Paul Burgess was awarded the Western Australian Sports Star of the Year award. He competed as a?

#125. Which of the following people are not from Western Australia?

#126. The first Premier of Western Australia was?

#127. During World War II, Fremantle was the second largest base for Allied submarines operating in the Pacific. True or False?

#128. Which court has final jurisdiction over matters occurring in WA?

#129. On the 16th February 2001 who became premier of Western Australia?

#130. The WA towns of Abbotts, Gleneagle, Goldsworthy and Peak Hill are noteworthy because they have?

#131. South America and Australia were both parts of the ancient supercontinent Gondwana. True or False?

#132. Acacia baileyana is more commonly known as?

#133. There are 76 Banksia species in Australia. Only a single species occurs naturally outside of Australia. Banksia can only be found in WA, NSW, VIC and Tas. They do not occur in QLD, SA, and NT.

#134. The Coolabah belongs to the Eucalypt family. True or False?

#135. Melaleucas are more commonly known as?

#136. The Nuytsia floribunda is a hemiparasitic plant found in Western Australia known locally as?

#137. Eucalyptus regnans is also known as the Mountain Ash, Victorian Ash, Swamp Gum, Tasmanian Oak and Stringy Gum. True or False?

#138. Petrol rationing was ended in?

#139. The first Miles Franklin Literary Award in 1957 was awarded to the novel Voss by?

#140. R. Benaud was a member of the 1954-55 Australian Cricket team. He was a?

#141. In 1954 Vladimir Petrov made headlines when he?

#142. In January 1959 which town officially became a city?

#143. In 1953 Beaconsfield in Tasmania became the first town in Australia to?

#144. On 1st September 1951, The Anzus Treaty was signed, which countries were involved?

#145. On 1st March 1951, The Bank of Australasia merges with the Union Bank of Australia to form?

#146. In 1952 where might you find Owen Dixon?

#147. In May 2011 Australia’s the longest-serving head of government resigned. Which state or territory did he lead?

#148. Often in the news in 2011, where is Villawood Immigration Detention Centre located?

#149. In June 2011 hundreds of Australian flights are suspended due to an ash cloud that came from an eruption in?

#150. In June 2011 Kim Scott won which award for her novel That Deadman Dance?

#151. The 2011 internet trend/meme involving pictures of people lying flat on top of objects was known as?

#152. As at June 2011, the National Broadband Network is estimated to cost how much over its 10 year construction period?

#153. In June 2011 an Australia man was featured in an iconic photograph depicting a kiss taking place during a riot in?


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