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Australian Random Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. What is the New South Wales Floral emblem?

#2. What is an ABN?

#3. What does ASIC stand for?

#4. The regular meeting between Australia’s federal and state governments are referred to as COAG, what does COAG stand for?

#5. What’s the next line of this famous Slim Dusty song? I love to have a beer with Duncan I love to have a beer with Dunc. We drink in moderation And we never ever ever get rollin’ drunk

#6. Where are Sandgropers from?

#7. How many tricks must declarer make in one hand to make a grand slam?

#8. What do the initials A.B.F. stand for?

#9. What is Australia’s accepted floral emblem? G—— W—–

#10. What do the letters QANTAS stand for?

#11. What is Crux Australis better known as? ——– —–

#12. These four have all? Archer Peter Pan Rain Lover Think Big [w– t– M——– C– t—-]

#13. Which person is connected to all of these characters B. McKenzie L. Patterson E. Everage [B—- H——–]

#14. Who wrote the popular hit song that starts Two little boys had two little toys each had a wooden horse? [Ted E—]

#15. What is the largest native Australian bird?

#16. According to the 2007 edition of the Guinness World Records, I am the world’s most dangerous bird. I can disembowel a human just with one kick. What am I? [C–so—y]

#17. Everybody knows parrots can imitate human voice; what another bird native to Australia has sound mimicking abilities?

#18. Complete the names of these barracks S—– Barracks K—— Barracks I—- Barracks

#19. In 1979 Graham Kennedy starred in which movie about the Australian Army? [The — —– —-]

#20. A secret declaration of love has been discovered in the 1890 painting Spring by which Australian landscape painter? [A—-r ——–]

#21. Who preceded John Gorton as Prime Minister?

#22. Who succeeded John Gorton as Prime Minister?

#23. As at 2010 the majority of Australia print media is owned by which two large companies? [—s –rpo—— and F—— M—-]


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