About Triviaroo and Trivia Packs

We are a small independent Software Vendor based in Canberra, Australia. Triviaroo is the modernized web version of our popular “Quiz Night Chief” originally built in 2009 . This product came out of frustrations we experienced firsthand when planning a local trivia event. We thought a single program that would help with Questions, Answer Sheets, Presentations, scoring, MC Script, promotional material, games etc would really take the hassle out of running a trivia night. As we couldn’t find anything that fits the bill we have pooled resources and produced a prototype which was received very well.

Over the last 12 years we have continuously evolved by listening to our customers, working closely with Trivia writers, Pubs, Fundraisers, Trivia enthusiasts and using the best technology possible. As a result you can now download an amazing, well-tested trivia pack in an instant at a very small fee. We are mobile and Ipad friendly since 2017.