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Abbreviations and Codes Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. At the end of an explanation, what does QED stand for? [Quod e— demonstran—]

#2. Abbreviation for AWOL.

#3. In the world of computing, what does BASIC stand for? B——– All-Purpose Symbolic I———- C—]

#4. BCC (on an email or memo)

#5. A BLT sandwich contains? [B—- L—— and T—–]

#6. Abbreviation for ETA.

#7. Abbreviation for FBI.

#8. Abbreviation for GMT.

#9. Abbreviation for IBM.

#10. In a text message or email, what is meant by IMHO?

#11. In France, what is a TGV? [H— S—- T—-]

#12. In radio and signalling, what does KHz mean? [K——–]

#13. In the American television series The OC – what does OC stand for?

#14. In which country might you watch RTE television channel?

#15. In the sporting world, the IOC is the?

#16. A librarian would know that ISBN stands for?

#17. What does LASER stand for? [L—- A———— by S——– Emission of R——–]

#18. What does NASA stand for?

#19. What does NATO stand for?

#20. Pre-decimal money was described by the initials LSD. What did the D stand for? A clue: it’s Roman. [D—-ii]

#21. In the world of football in the UK, what does QPR stand for?

#22. If a ship is RORO then it is? [—- — —- —]

#23. RSVP stands for? [R——– S– V— P—-]

#24. What is the full name of the nation UAE?

#25. In international affairs what does the acronym UNESCO stand for? [U—– N—— E———-, S——— and C——- Organization]



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