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Abbreviations and Codes of Australia Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. Abbreviation for ANZAC.

#2. What does QANTAS stand for?

#3. What is the full name of the CSIRO?

#4. The EPBC Act, administered by the federal department concerned with the environment is more properly known as? [The E———- P——— and B———– C———– Act]

#5. In sport what is the SANFL?

#6. What is the slogan of AAMI insurance?

#7. If you become a member of the FPA, what is your profession likely to be?

#8. In the legal world if you researched the CLR, you would be using the? [C———– l— r——]

#9. In mathematics, the informal synonym of QED, W to the fifth power stands for? [W—- w– w— w- w—–]

#10. In the word of computer databases, if a database is said to be in 3NF, it is in? [third —— —-]

#11. In the world of horse racing, what is the AJC?

#12. The internet DNS is more fully known as the?

#13. A lawyer who is an SC is a?

#14. If the prime minister was attending CHOGM she would be attending The?

#15. What is the full name of the organisation known as ASIS?



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