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90s Trivia Questions and Answers

90s Trivia Quiz


#1. Which group released its debut album “The Sign” in 1993?

#2. In December 1999, Macau was transferred from which country to become a Special Administrative Region of China?

#3. Which character was introduced in the 1992 video game “Sonic The Hedgehog 2”?

#4. Julia Roberts starred with Richard Gere in the 1990 film “Pretty Woman” and which other-film of the 1990s?

#5. Which of these countries did NOT declare its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991?

#6. Dolly, born in 1996 as the first successfully cloned mammal, was which type of animal?

#7. What was featured on the cover of the 1991-released album “Nevermind” by Nirvana?

#8. Who played the mysterious young man Paul in the 1993 film “Six Degrees Of Separation”?

#9. George Clooney starred as Dr Douglas Ross on which TV series from 1994-99?

#10. Which video game series that began in 1996 features Raccoon City and dealings with zombies?

#11. Which famous quote is featured in the 1999 film “The Sixth Sense”?

#12. In 1993, Eritrea declared its independence from which African country?

#13. In the 1992 film “Reservoir Dogs,” the main criminals are named after what?

#14. Martin Landau won a best-supporting actor Oscar for playing which real-life actor in the 1994 film “Ed Wood”?

#15. Arnold Schwarzenegger first said his famous line “hasta la vista, baby” in which film of the 1990s?

#16. The well-known poster from the 1999 film “American Beauty” features a right hand holding what against a female torso?

#17. The bank robbers in the 1991 film “Point Break” wear masks of former US presidents when committing crimes.

#18. Who played Juliet to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Romeo in the 1996 film “Romeo + Juliet,” Baz Luhrmann’s updated version of Shakespeare’s play?

#19. The 1992 film version of David Mamet’s play “Glengarry Glen Ross” concerns a group of men who work in which field?

#20. Which of these “Kingly” films did NOT premiere in the 1990s?

#21. In the 1995 film “Se7en,” a serial killer uses what as his theme for his murders?

#22. The Oscar-winning 1996 film “The English Patient” was based on a novel by Stephen King.

#23. In the 1996 film “Jerry Maguire,” Rod Tidwell makes what famous demand from Jerry Maguire?

#24. In the 1997 film “Good Will Hunting,” Matt Damon works as a janitor at which famous locale in the US?

#25. From 1994-99, [N—– M——] served as president of South Africa.

#26. A joint venture between France and England, the [C—— T—–] officially opened on 6th May 1994.

#27. Intel introduced its first [——m] processor in 1993.


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