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2011 News Events History Trivia Questions and Answers



#1. The name journalists have given to the revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests that have been taking place in the Arab world is?

#2. In January 2011 37 people were murdered in a bombing at Domodedovo International Airport. In which country did this take place?

#3. In May 2011 Osama Bin Laden was killed by?

#4. In March 2011 the United Nations Security Council votes 10-0 to create a no-fly zone over which country?

#5. In March 2011 The United Nations declared that the price of what was at a 20 year high?

#6. In March 2011 Mazda recalled around 50,000 Mazda 6 sedans due to fears of problems caused by?

#7. In May 2011 Virgin Blue Airlines was renamed to?

#8. In June 2011 Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police resigned due to an Ombudsman’ report that claimed he had released misleading crime statistics. What is his name? [—– O——-]

#9. In January 2011 David Bartlett announced his resignation as Premier of which state or territory?

#10. In May 2011 Terry Jenner died. Which sport did he play?

#11. On April 29th 2011 Prince William, Duke of Cambridge married? [——— ———]

#12. Winner of Best Picture in the 2011 Academy Awards was which film chronicling the struggles of a stutterer

#13. Winner of the 2011 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism was? [J—– A——]

#14. The winner of the 2011 NBA Championships were the [Dallas M——–]



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